The outdoor areas of your school can be just as important to your students as the classrooms themselves. These outdoor areas are where they freely gather and play with friends, get essential exercise in the middle of their day, and are often the most anticipated part of the school day. It’s important that these areas be properly furnished for your students to use, and you might be wondering if an outdoor café table should be a part of the outdoor furnishings. Keep reading to learn the advantages of these tables.

Options for Outdoor Eating

Perhaps your students to eat their lunch outside. But why not make it an option for the future? While you obviously need to be able to properly supervise students during their lunch, many teachers allow students to take lunch in the classroom at times, so why not make outdoor lunch an option too? This can be used as a reward for well-behaved students or could be a regular rotation that students can look forward to getting every few weeks.

Provide Options for a Quieter Recess

While many students need recess to run and release their pent-up energy, other students simply don’t engage in as much physical play as others. Odds are, there are plenty of students at your school who prefer to sit and talk with friends or even read a book by themselves during this free time, rather than running in the fields or climbing the playground. Without outdoor tables and benches, these students are forced to sit on the ground, which is far less comfortable for them.

Having tables provides students with a comfortable, safe space for quieter recess time. It also encourages them to sit and communicate with each other, which is just as important as physical play.

Helpful for Teachers

Students are the only ones who will benefit from outdoor tables. Recess duty is often difficult for many teachers, as it takes away from their prep and personal lunchtime. Forcing them to stand on their feet the entire time simply makes this duty even more difficult on them. If you add an outdoor table or bench in a location where the entire playground is clearly visible, your teachers can perform recess duty while getting some much-needed (and well-deserved) time off their feet.

Additionally, teachers may want to use these tables to enjoy their own lunches on sunny days. Fresh air and sunshine is just as important for the adults in your school as it is for the children, and they’ll appreciate the ability to relax outdoors when the weather is nice.

Allow Outdoor Teaching

Many teachers find the occasional outdoor lesson to be a helpful way to mix up the usual daily schedule. Kids become much more excited about learning when they’re able to do so outdoors, and in some cases, the outdoor environment may be pertinent to the lesson. For example, outdoor tables can be a great place for kids to sit while learning about the weather, nature, and other outdoor elements. Without tables, outdoor lessons are virtually impossible, so adding them to your space opens up more opportunities for learning.

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