Vapes, vape pens, or marijuana pens, whatever you call them, make no difference. Besides, vape pens allow marijuana users to inhale cannabis vapours. The purpose of vape pens differentiates these devices from traditional smoking devices like bongs and pipes. You can easily get your hands on vape pens via weed delivery in Brampton, too, through online dispensaries, like DoorBud. In addition, the high through vaping kicks in fast, too, identical to smoking marijuana. It kicks in within fifteen minutes and lasts for forty minutes to two hours, in general. You can vape both marijuana flowers and concentrates with various smoking devices.

Furthermore, vaping is easy, discreet, and also a healthy alternative to traditional smoking methods. Vaping may also seem complicated to you once you start it. Nevertheless, you may give vaping a try if you are trying to quit smoking. 

Understanding Vapes

The process of vaping entails heating cannabis flowers or concentrates to a specific temperature. It involves heating cannabis till the active cannabinoids in marijuana converts into vapour. Most vaping devices are made to heat cannabis just below the point of combustion, which ranges from 180 to 190 degrees Celsius. Unlike smoking, that burn many terpenes and minor cannabinoids, vaping activates more of those compounds. Choosing a vape with precise temperature control can also allow you to choose a suitable temperature for vaping. Furthermore, there are three main types of vapes, including tabletop vaporizers, portable vapes, and hash oil vape pens.         

Three Main Types of Vapes

Tabletop Vaporizers: 

Tabletop vaporizers are stationary temperature control vapes that require a sturdy surface to sit on. These vapes come in many varieties, with the following four the most common tabletop vaporizers:

  1. A temperature dial for controlling the temperature
  2. A heating element for heating the flowers or concentrates
  3. A heating chamber for putting the flowers or concentres
  4. A mouthpiece attachment

Some tabletop vaporizers have a bag for collecting vapour, which you have to detach before inhalation. Some tabletop vaporizers have a long tube which allows the vapour to move from the chamber to the vaper directly. The majority of tabletop vaporizers of the preceding type are utilized for vaping cannabis flowers. Once you understand how to vape with tabletop vaporizers, you can easily also use others. Besides, e-nail dab rigs function the same as tabletop vaporizers that smokers use to vape marijuana concentrates or flowers.   

Portable Vaporizers: 

Portable vaporizers are small and discreet, which operate almost the same way as tabletop vaporizers. Nonetheless, portable vaporizers are more portable and include a chamber for holding cannabis flowers or concentrates. In addition, portable vaporizers have a heating element and a battery. Mostly, portable vaporizers allow you to control the temperature with a button or a small dial. The temperature control button or a dial-in portable vaporizer activates their battery. As a result, it heats the elements and vaporizes the flowers or concentrates in the chamber. Then, vapers can inhale the vapour via a mouthpiece. However, portable vaporizers don’t have the same degrees of precision as tabletop vaporizers.

Portable vaporizers that you get your hands on via weed delivery in Brampton are easy to use and discreet. Moreover, they also produce a less potent aroma, and you can consume different forms of concentrates from them. For instance, you can vape budder, shatter flower, etc., via these vapes. Before you buy a portable vaporizer, make sure you know your intent to consume cannabis. It will allow you to choose the right vaporizer to vape cannabis. 

Vape Pens: 

Vape pens come in specific designs, and you can use them to vape cannabis distillates and oils. They have earned their name because they resemble traditional pens in design. You can also get your hands on reusable vape pens, which have a battery and cartridge. In reality, reusable vape pens are half-useable, considering the fact you use the same battery with multiple cartridges for vaping.

Addition, you can find vape batteries in different styles with buttons, without buttons, cylindrical or rectangular ones, limited, and long-life batteries. Other words, you can find a vape battery to suit the personal preferences of different vapers. The most common vape pen battery is 510 thread.

Moreover, vape cartridges come with a mouthpiece, chamber, and a heating element. You can activate vape cartridges with a compatible vape battery. The chamber of vape carts has oil or distillate with concentrated amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes. Further, disposable vape pens or all-in-one vape pens come in a sleek and single-use package.     


Vape pens or weed pens are devices that cannabis users use to inhale cannabis vapours. Smokers who want to quit smoking also turn to vaping, as vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. High from vaping also kicks in quickly, similar to smoking and last 40 minutes to two hours. Moreover, there main types of vapes that you may consider getting your hands through weed delivery in Brampton are as follows:

  1. Tabletop vaporizers
  2. Portable vaporizers
  3. Vape pens