Jimmy Johns Liautaud founded his gourmet sandwich business in 1983.

Beginning with family recipes & taste tests, Jimmy John was founded. His first sandwich restaurant was furnished with a used refrigerator, freezer chest, oven, & meat slicer.

Due to a lack of funds for an ice machine, soda was served without ice at Jimmy John’s Chips.

Jimmy John’s Sandwiches

On the streets, the 19-year-old entrepreneur offered complimentary sandwiches. Jimmy John’s Chips rose rapidly in popularity, especially among college students who valued the affordable rates and imaginative menu alternatives.

Throughout the Past Several Decades

Jimmy John’s has grown as a business. What was once the bratty little brother of Jimmy John’s Chips industry is the extremely cool elder brother that everyone else wants to be. The irreverent attitude, low price, great meal, and smiley delivery have remained the same.

Currently, Jimmy Johns Locations Over 1600

What sets Jimmy John’s Chips apart from numerous other specialty chains? daily internal bread baking Fresh meat and veggies are cooked and served every day.

In accordance with the company’s literature, roast beef and turkey are genuine meats.

Additionally, Jimmy Johns Manufactures its Own Potato Chips

Jimmy John’s offers chips to go with its sandwiches. There are no alternatives, fillers made of vegetables, or additives. No pre-sliced deliveries are made.

Genuine Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Genuine Grey Poupon, Genuine Olive Oil, and Genuine Red Wine Vinegar are all present.

The Jimmy Chips from Jimmy Johns

A second catered event was held in the office. Jimmy John’s didn’t have any vegan sandwiches available for lunch. I could only eat kettle-style potato chips with mustard coating. To wash it down, I sipped iced tea.

They had an amazing Jimmy John’s Chips flavor and a really satisfying crunch. The ingredient list can be found on the front of the package.

Potatoes, peanut oil, & salt are three simple items that make a terrific list. They are so proud of it that they put it on a front. really good.

Which Chip Varieties Does Jimmy Johns Offer?

The only ingredients in regular & thin Jimmy John’s Chips are potatoes, salt, and peanut oil. It is done! Our chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies both baked with genuine butter, real eggs, and real vanilla.

Ghirardelli chocolate chips are what we use because even desserts need to be of the best caliber!

A Healthier Option

As opposed to its normal chips, which have 150 calories per ounce, Jimmy John’s Skinny and Jimmy John’s Chips have about 18 chips & 130 calories per 1 oz. serving.

Thinny Chips have 5 grams of fat as opposed to 14 grams in conventional chips. There are 19 grams of carbs as opposed to 16 g.

Facts about Diet

A serving of Thinny Chips contains 5 grams of fat total, including 1 g of saturated fat, 2 grams of polyunsaturated fat, & 3 grams of monounsaturated fat. There are no trans fats in Jimmy John’s Chips.

Compared to ordinary chips’ 64% of calories are from fat, and 35% of the calories in these chips originate from fat. Thinny Chips include 1 g of sugar, 2 g of fiber, 105 mg of sodium, 370 mg of potassium, and 0 mg of cholesterol.

The daily value of nutrients made up of 15% for vitamin C and 4% for iron, respectively.

Food Combinations

Thinny Chips go well with sandwiches that have a healthy focus because they are a lower-fat product with a healthy focus.

Jimmy John’s offers club sandwiches, a low-carb lettuce wrap version of their sub called the Unwich, as well as a vegetarian sub containing avocado spread & alfalfa sprouts.

Differences From Other Potato Chips

Jimmy John’s Thinny Chips are only available in one flavor as of May 2011.

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Regarding Jimmy Johns:

In 1983, Jimmy Johns opened its first location in the United States. While it wasn’t a well-known store at first, young adults soon began to frequent it.

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