Asian footwear has a significant impact on the fashion of South Asian feet, and historically, the feet have held a unique place in the social and religious structure of the Asian lifestyle. Many of us may agree that dressing appropriately is the most crucial aspect of looking nice. A decent lehenga is elegant and traditional, but if you wear shoes that resemble your lehenga, a beautiful lehenga will look more pretty.

Which shoes go with Asian designer clothes?

Asian designer clothes require a specific aesthetic when selecting the appropriate shoe types to go with them. We examine a wide range of possibilities for diverse scenarios.

1. Flat chappal

The number of Asian people wore that style of footwear by the third century. The reason was that they felt comfortable with them. The most informal feature of flat chappals is they are popular with both genders. Flat chappal always is a good choice with Asian designer wear. You can also wear this with a shalwar kameez or short kurta pajama.

2. Khussa

Khussa is becoming just as important a necessary as wedding attire. You can see that it is very versatile footwear. Everyone has almost one pair of khussa in their wardrobe. You can wear it with formal or casual Asian designer clothes.

3. Block heels

With a pair of minimalist two-strap heels, your Asian designer clothes look amazing. The block heel’s charm is that it is kind on your feet. If you are going to a wedding or family gathering, they will increase the glamour factor and show off your delicate and henna-decorated feet.

4. Pom-Pom footwear

This bold combination of vivid colors is sure to draw attention. Pom-pom-decorated shoes could add a colorful finishing touch to your multi-colored Asian designer clothing if you are wearing them.

Where to buy Asian designer clothes and footwear?

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