The Sauvage Dior dossier is a comprehensive overview of the brand’s products and creative process. If you’re a lover of fragrance and cologne, this site is a must-read! You can find out all about the creative process and insights about the artists behind the brand.


If you’re a fragrance fanatic, you’ll want to try the Dior Sauvage Dossier. It’s a miniature version of the classic Dior fragrance, and contains the same notes of wood and amber in the main accords. It’s perfect for both daytime and nighttime wear. It also has a long-lasting sillage, which will last all day long.

The Dior Sauvage fragrance is one of the top-selling fragrances in the world. It’s a warm, spicy fragrance that’s perfect for daytime wear. It’s also long-lasting, making it perfect for layering with other Premium Scents. And despite the fact that the fragrance is very masculine, it’s not too overpowering.


Dior Sauvage is a rich, heady fragrance that is suitable for all seasons. The blend of natural floral notes with highly spicy accents creates an enticing scent that can be worn day or night. This versatile fragrance is perfect for any occasion – from date night to work.

Dior Sauvage has a more complex composition than Aromatic Star Anise. This fragrance is more pronounced when it comes to its primary accords and mid notes. However, this scent does not have the same long-lasting longevity as the latter.


During its life span, Dior Sauvage has evolved from the original fragrance. Its scent has a softer, fresher, and softer feel. Its long lasting quality makes it an excellent option for daytime wear. It has a good sillage and projects the scent for several hours before settling closer to the skin. It is not overpowering and is perfect for everyday use.

The fragrance possesses a long-lasting, medium-strength scent that lasts for a minimum of seven to nine hours. Its longevity is comparable to that of the top-selling Dior Eau de Parfum, which lasts for four to six hours before fading. However, the scent of Dior Sauvage remains on the skin for longer than that of most other perfumes.


The Dior Sauvage Dossier is an important guide to this classic fragrance. It contains an extensive description of the fragrance’s ingredients and safety concerns. It is essential to know which ingredients are safe for your skin and which ones are not. The fragrance is a spicy, woody blend of lavender, amber wood and patchouli. It’s less masculine than the original Dior Sauvage, and is a great choice for warmer weather.

The price of the Dossier Aromatic Star Anise is slightly less than the original Sauvage, but the scent lasts a good 3-4 hours. The original Sauvage can last up to ten hours. While it’s not as long-lasting as the Dossier, it’s worth the price. You can also layer the fragrance with a base to extend its staying power.

Scent inspiration

The Dior Sauvage Dossier is an extensive look at the company’s products and creative process. It also offers a fascinating insight into the designers behind the fashion house. If you love fragrances and cologne, the dossier is a must-have for your collection. It contains the names and scents of the designers behind the fashion house, as well as revealing details about their creative process.

The ‘Sauvage’ fragrance is inspired by the wild nature of the American West. The composition features woodsy notes with hints of lavender, geranium, and sage. It also features a rustic flint stone bottle, and American Indian arrowhead motif on its packaging.