What if you could see ghosts? You know, like in The Sixth Sense or Ghostbusters? What would that be like? If it were me, I think it would be downright terrifying at first because I don’t want to die! But over time, I think I’d get used to it and even find comfort in having the dead around. That’s where my hoodie comes in, because the other side isn’t so bad after all!

Are you curious about life after death?

I may be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to ghosts and spirits but this hoodie by Kanye West is giving me hope. The lucky me I see ghosts hoodie is designed with an opening in the back for your hands that allows you to see through your fingers. You could wear it and feel like you are making contact with those who have passed on. Unfortunately, as of now this hoodie is not available for purchase.

The mystical side of this product

The KANYE WEST LUCKY ME I SEE GHOSTS hoodie is a one-of-a-kind piece. The shirt features a special graphic print of some of Kanye’s personal icons – including his wife Kim Kardashian and their daughter North West. It also includes an angel with a halo, who has been created as an ode to Kanye’s mother Donda. This garment is an excellent way for you to keep your loved ones close no matter what side they are on!

How do they work?

The Lucky me I see Ghost hoodie is a new type of hoodie that allows you to see and connect with ghosts. It’s perfect for those who want to connect with someone who has passed on but can’t because they’re not there physically. You just put on your hoodies and click the button that says I see Ghost and you’ll be able to talk or video chat with them! There are also other features such as being able to send messages back and forth. This could help people who don’t have anyone in their lives so they can always talk to someone from the other side.

Try it yourself!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been able to see ghosts. When you’re around them all the time and you can’t touch or feel them like everyone else can, it’s really isolating. So when my sister told me about this hoodie that allowed her to connect with those on the other side, I had to get one too!

I’m not alone anymore–now when I look around me and see a spirit in pain or just looking for someone who cares about them, it’s easy for me to help them. The hoodie also keeps bad spirits away because they can’t come through it.

What others say about them

This hoodie is a perfect way for me to feel close and connected to my loved ones who have passed. It’s soft and comfortable, and it’s so nice that it comes in such a wide range of colors. The design is so beautiful too!

I love this sweatshirt because I can wear it around town and not be self conscious about my scars from diabetes. Sometimes, when I’m feeling down or just need an emotional pick-me-up, I slip this hoodie on and am instantly able to connect with my loved ones who have passed away. This is definitely a must-have for any bereaved person!

This sweatshirt has been more than helpful in letting me get through tough times by connecting with loved ones after they’ve passed.

How can you get your own now?

Step 1) Make sure you are ordering your size as this is a slim fit hoodie and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Step 2) Select quantity (1-10 available). Step 3) Select size. Step 4) Select color. Step 5) Enter shipping address and contact information. Next, fill out Billing and Payment details. And finally checkout!

Learn more about ways in which you might connect with the other side.

Ghosts are all around us. They fill our homes and walk among us. They’re also no strangers to fashion. Now with this hoodie, you can find a way to connect with them as well! The lucky me I see ghosts hoodie is available for pre-order on Kanye West’s site for $90 USD and features a cut-out that lets you see right through your body so you can interact with spirits on the other side.