Well, that’s a loud and clear YES!

Embroidery has been around for thousands of years and it is still trendy today. Walk around your neighborhood consciously and you will find people walking with all sorts of embroidery designs, wearing various designs proudly. In fact, today you won’t only find embroidery on clothing articles; rather, you will see embroidery everywhere in your surroundings from tablecloths to facemasks to pillow covers and more. Check out your favorite NBA team and you will find players sporting embroidered caps and jerseys to represent their clubs.

Essentially, embroidery never went out of fashion in its thousand years of history, and neither will it go out of fashion in the future. The only thing that does change over time is the embroidery trends. Starting from the very hand embroidery designs, today it’s all about flaunting highly complex and niche designs made possible by embroidery digitizing services and powerful embroidery machines.

Let’s explore some timeless trends of embroidery on clothing before moving on to the latest trends of embroidery in 2022.

Trends in Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery remains the epitome of embroidery art that has sustained thousands of years of change. While today the technique has a very limited share in the overall global embroidery market, it still remains the most enchanting and cherished form of embroidery amongst embroidery lovers.

The recent trends in hand embroidery are greatly related to the use of modern materials for threads and fabrics. Material that extends beyond hoop is one noteworthy hand embroidery trend that we are seeing extensively in 2022. Similarly, exquisite embroidery with gold and silver threads is another trend that is fast becoming a desired norm for the elites. Jacket embroidery is another popular hand embroidery trend. The trend is more about embroidering elusive designs like starry nights on jacket backs to give them a mesmerizing appearance.

Embroidery Inspired Tattoos

Embroidery-inspired tattoos are yet another growing trend that is making rounds in many western countries. Have you lately seen someone walking around with embroidery around their neck? Don’t fret, the design isn’t sewn on the neck but it’s the latest embroidery-inspired tattoo trend.

You may also see cakes with embroidery patterns, or even embroidered wedding invitations, representing the strong influence of embroidery in our daily lives.

Custom Embroidered Tees

Embroidered tees have remained the timeless choice for people of all ages and groups. Plain tees consider the best clothing article for embroidering enchanting designs personalized to reflect the true spirit of the wearer. The trend has gained great popularity in recent years, thanks to the growing number of embroidery digitizing agencies. With easily accessible digitizing services, it has become easier than ever for people to get personalized embroidery done on plain tees.

Apart from being a great clothing article, personalized embroidered tees are also used extensively in the corporate world. Logo embroidery tees consider one of the best marketing articles for businesses. Such t-shirts not only create a more positive work environment in the office but also improves the visibility and reach of the business.

Similarly, sports and professional clubs opt for custom embroidered t-shirts to showcase their unique presence and maintain a sense of belonging. Chest or logo embroidery is a highly trendy fashion amongst players and fans.

Embroidered Face Masks

Since the outbreak of covid-19, facemasks have become indispensable for health and hygiene purposes. In many countries around the world, wearing a facemask is mandatory in all public places. Now, for the love of embroidery, people have started to personalize these facemasks with exquisite embroidery designs. From the general public to celebrities, everyone has started to get their hands on custom embroidered facemasks that complement their overall style and appearance.

Today, many fashion brands have started to produce embroidered facemasks to attract customers. These mass-produced embroidered facemasks provided people with an affordable option to wear exquisitely embroidered facemasks.

However, besides the mass-produced embroidered facemasks, people are also opting for custom embroidered facemasks. Thanks to easy access to embroidery digitizing services, youngsters are getting their designs embroidered on facemasks to reflect their true personalities and complement their style.

Custom Embroidered Gift Items

Another embroidery trend that is gaining pace is custom embroidered gift items. This time around, it’s all about designing the most enchanting embroidery items for family, friends, and loved ones. This trend fuel by easy access to custom digitizing and embroidery services that are accepting custom embroidery orders for clothing and all sorts of stuff.

Recently, we are seeing an increase in demand for hand-embroidered clothing. it is a great item for those who can afford them. Hand embroidered clothing is unique since no two pieces are the same plus the very feel of hand embroidery portrays a strong sense of belonging and value.

While hand embroidered clothing is a great value gift item, it comes at a higher price. For people who can’t afford hand-embroidered clothing gifts, mass-produced embroidered gift items offer an excellent opportunity to connect with their loved ones.

Interestingly, when we are talking about embroidered gift items, we see people choosing all sorts of stuff for embroidery, like cups, caps, tees, and more. Thanks to widely available digitizing services, it’s easier than ever for people to create unique and personalized embroidery designs and get embroidery on all sorts of stuff.

Incorporating Embroidery into Accessories

Lastly, we are seeing a massive increase in demand for accessory embroidery. The rising interest in fashion wear means people are increasingly looking for embroidered clothing and accessories. That’s one reason why we are seeing so many people wearing custom embroidered caps, purses, belts, sandals, and all sorts of other accessories.


So, is embroidery on clothing still trending? Well, that’s a loud and clear Yes. Embroidery has remained trendy for thousands of years and it will stay trendy for thousands of years to come. it’s only that the fashion trends in embroidery change, still the human love and liking for embroidery never seems to fade. If you, too, have been looking to start the trending embroidery fashion, check out the popular trends above and wear your favorite trend!