Festival Basics

If you go on Instagram and type in Coachella, it will look like a magical land of happy people and amazing music. However, going to a music festival takes on an element of survival, and going unprepared can be your worst mistake. There are many attractions in St. Augustine, FL, some of which include great music festivals during the summer months.To make sure that your next musical festival experience lives up to all your expectations, there are a few things you should prepare for and know ahead of time. Of course, ordering tickets and knowing how to get to the festival are the first two, most obvious steps. But also, figuring out the best times to arrive and leave, as well as where to park, are important to know before the fun can begin! 

Map Out a Plan

From multiple stages to different places to eat and sleep, the venue is often an enormous space. You will want to know how to navigate the area and have maps and other resources with you.  For example, will you be bringing your own food, or will you want to eat at places on-site? Check out the hours for the food trucks or stallsand if cash or card are accepted. The fun will be taken away if you are worried about where you will get your next meal, especially when it’s hot outside! Although the music lineup can change, it’s helpful to know when your favorite artists are performing.Twitter can be your best source of information on festival updates or changes. There are also some specific apps that offer this information.

What to Bring

Taking along some essential items will save you a bundle of money, so pack things like sunscreen, extra bottles of water, hats, sunglasses, bug spray, and even a personal fan.  All of this will also improve your experience and memories because comfort goes a long way on a hot day.  Of course, you will have your phone with you to take endless pictures and communicate with friends, but the service can be spotty when people are tightly packed in one space. You may think about bringing a set of walkie talkies to communicate if your cell phonesaren’t working properly. Creating a central meeting point or a landmark to come back to is a great safety tip too. Standing all day in the heat can lead to exhaustion and some aches and pains. Having some Tylenol to make you more comfortable will ensure your enjoyment for a multiple-day experience. 

Where to Stay

If you decide not to stay or camp at the festival, finding a quaint St. Augustine bed and breakfast can be a great way to take in the local flavor. You may also have the best breakfast around to start your day off right.  Bed and breakfast hosts may have suggestions for local beaches or other attractions to check out in your downtime. Also, unlike resorts, bed and breakfasts can offer personal care and a cozier setting, so you feel at home and relaxed after the long festival days. Staying at a bed and breakfast gives you access to convenient parking, on-site food, and quiet rest. When making your trip to the beautiful and vibrant city of St. Augustine, head to beachfrontbandb.com to book your stay at Beachfront Bed & Breakfast. You’ll be sure to have an unforgettable trip!