Graduation is a rite of passage that everyone goes through, and it holds a special place in everyone’s life. A lot of people throw grad bashes right after they graduate in order to celebrate the journey and the good times they’ve had with their friends and colleagues. 

At a graduation party, the photo session is something that holds a lot of importance as it is an extremely memorable time for almost everyone. To make it even better, most of the organizers introduce graduation photo booth props to make sure the photographer captures all the joy on your big day instead of going for heavy and expensive party arrangements!

Whether you are graduating from high school or college, finding the right picture props for this momentous occasion can add an extra bit of flair to your photos. Let’s look at a few tips that you can use to throw the best graduation bash ever!

How to Arrange a Successful Grad Bash for your Friends?

  • Before anything else, you have to decide on a theme for the party. You can either go for a predetermined color scheme like black and gold or a dress code that all of the invited guests are required to adhere to. This step is essential as you can opt for appropriate graduation photo booth props for the photo sessions.
  • Now it’s time to choose whether you will go for the expensive party arrangements or will stick to the regular graduation photo booth props that are either bought online or from a party store. Not to forget that you can create these props on your own if you are looking for personalization.
  • Now comes the essential part of making a creative yet funky backdrop ready for your photo shoot. There are a lot of options available for backdrops, such as balloon arches printed with pom-poms or blackboard-shaped ones. Make sure you choose something that blends well with the theme of your party.

Ideas for Backdrops for a Graduation Party:

As discussed before, backdrops play a huge role in making your pictures look amazing . So you must choose them carefully as an organizer. Following are some of the ideas.

1.     Arch of Balloons According to The Theme

Undoubtedly, an arch of pretty colored balloons is quite trendy these days, not just at graduation parties but at all sorts of events as well. One can opt for the perfect combination of arches right according to the theme of your party. Moreover, you can go for different types of balloons in regard to shape, size, and texture.

  2.     Printed Backdrops with Memorable Pictures

At a graduation party, you can make excellent use of printed backdrops made of polyester, canvas, or vinyl. These backdrops can include unforgettable pictures of the college journey giving everyone a nostalgic vibe. The images or graphics are arranged in a distinct manner, usually at the top or on the sides of it. This will ensure that they are seen properly and that there is a sufficient amount of empty space for people to pose in front of. 

3.     Backdrop with colorful paper pom poms and fans

Using paper pom poms, fans, and flowers is yet another excellent concept for a graduation photo booth backdrop. Just attach them to a piece of plywood or a wire, and you’re good to go. You could also make another use of the wood pallets and construct a frame to attach these beautiful ornaments to them. 

4.     A Chalkboard Backdrop

Chalkboard backdrops are becoming increasingly popular as a trendy and suitable decoration choice for graduation parties. This idea for a photo booth can easily be replicated at home by obtaining pieces of plywood from a local store and painting them with black paint. Using white chalk or white paint, it can also be decorated with graduation signs. Favorite quotations, or well-wishes for the graduates.

Ideas for Photo Booth Props for a Graduation Party

Funny photo props are always a hit, and adding a silly flair to your graduation photos is sure to get you some laughs.

If you are looking for something more classic, you can always go for the graduation caps, pens, or rolled degrees.

The “Classic Black Sunnies” and Funny Moustaches can also be a great addition to your collection of photo booth props.

“Talk Bubbles” are not just cute, but you can easily customize them or let your guests customize them according to their moods and feelings. These are the best photo booth props and a must-have in your grad bash. A few examples include “Class of 2022,” “I DID IT!” “SmartyPants,” “Nerdy,” “I Passed,” “ThankGod,” and “Congratulations!”

·        Another option is to search for “Instagram Frames” and make them according to the theme of the graduation party.

·        Don’t forget to add even more entertainment by introducing noisemakers, confetti, signs, sashes, and banners to your guests.

Why are Graduation Photo Booth Props Better Than Expensive Party Arrangements?

First of all, if you are going for fancy decorations from a third party or a renowned event planner, keep in mind that it is going to be heavy on your pockets. These decorations are not just expensive but may turn out to be totally against your will or ideas, and just because you have committed to them, you have to bear with them for the rest of the graduation party. 

Moreover, the normal graduation photo booth props. That you may get from a local party store or shop online are sustainable, cute, and a lot more fun! So it is always a better option to go for something affordable and reusable at the same time.


In this article, we have talked about how you can add a lot more fun to the next big graduation party that you will be hosting for your friends. All of these ideas are worth trying and are definitely going to leave your guests. In awe of the decorations, no matter what style you are going for. The theme should be fun and reflect your personality.