Gone are the days when people used to have bulky television sets in the corner of their living rooms. The new era of TV sets represents an innovative experience of interactivity and connectivity for consumers. Two of the most used tools— the internet and television, can now be accessed with the help of a single device— smart TV. If you are wondering what smart TV is, keep reading. We will provide answers to all of your questions and much more.

How does a smart TV connect to the internet?

Smart TVs connect to the internet by two main methods:

Wi-Fi Router: It is a wireless receiver in the TV, like found in smartphones, laptops, or tablets. The process of connection is very simple, as no cable is involved in the process. All you are required to do is plug in your router and enter the password, and that’s all. Your television will automatically scan for and connect to that router whenever it’s switched on.

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Ethernet: It is a wired connection between your router and smart TV running over an ethernet cable. Having a cable running across your living room is not the tidiest thing, but its hard-wired connection is very reliable. It also offers the best signal and speed, while Wi-Fi is prone to signal loss and other issues. If your home is in a Wi-Fi dead zone or your router isn’t great, ethernet can be a great solution.

You will require an exceptionally fast and efficient internet connection if you want to stream ultra-high-resolution videos on your smart TV without buffering. If your broadband is not that reliable, you can connect your smart TV to the internet using an ethernet cable. It will help you achieve the best possible signal quality and speed. Even though you can get a very good Wi-Fi connection these days, they can’t beat the old-fashioned wired connection in terms of signal strength.

A Smart TV is much more than a television

A Smart LED TV does not only serve as a television.  the internet gives you access to a diverse range of content, from YouTube videos to Spotify music to even video games (for some models).

One more feature that some smart TVs come with is “screen sharing”. This feature allows you to record a tablet’s or a smartphone’s screen and watch it on the smart TV. This is awesome if you want to watch something that’s on your phone on a bigger screen (like the 43-inch LED smart TV offers). The screen-sharing feature can also work the other way around. It can help you stream the content on your smart TV to your smartphone’s screen. For example, you could start watching a TV series on the big screen of your smart TV and finish watching it later in your bedroom lying in bed. For some people, this feature makes it worth it to buy a smart TV.

Even when you are not actively watching the smart TV, it can be synchronised with photo hosting applications, including Google photos, to display and flip through your images, just like a huge digital photo frame.

How does a smart TV actually work? Is it an internet TV?

Smart TV is definitely interconnected with the internet. However, the terms “smart TV” and “internet TV” cannot be used interchangeably. “Internet TV” refers to the television content served over the internet compared to a more conventional system such as satellite TV or cable TV. It is also called “internet protocol television”. Android smart LED TV is something completely different.

If you are thinking of buying a smart LED TV, go for it. The investment will be worth it and will be a smart addition to your home life. For the ultimate entertainment experience, you can set up your smart TV to work with your other smart home devices. Apart from reaping all these advanced technological benefits from your smart TV, you can also use it for traditional TV services. It can just not get any better!