Ageing switchboards will start to show problems in the way they work. Switchboards experience constant wear and tear over the years; wires get corroded, or connections get detached like any other electrical device. At times, when higher watts electrical appliances are connected, it experiences sparks and might also damage the board’s fuse. Here, you will have to call in a Level 2 electrician who is qualified and has the expertise to perform electrical switchboard upgrades, installations, repairs and maintenance on service lines that run between the property and the underground electrical supply network. If you experience any of the below-mentioned electrical issues, you need the services of a Level 2 electrician:

Burning Smell Coming from The Switchboard

People often have witnessed the burning smells from switchboards when they have faulty wiring or the circuit inside might be burdened. Typically, it occurs when clients have changed the switchboard with the aid of some uncertified electricians. Here things can get riskier; in such a situation, you must only call Level 2 electricians because they can only repair such wiring and overloading issues.

Lights Flicker

An untrained electrician can also damage the lines when fixing any switchboard-related problem, causing lights to flicker. Often it occurs due to incomplete work, so before deciding to replace the light bulb or tube light, you must call Level 2 electricians to repair the switchboard.

Overcrowded Switchboard

Switchboards appear congested and complicated from the inside for lay people; only electricians will know about them properly. As various appliances get connected to the boards, there will be extreme congestion of wires, and sometimes, it may overload the circuit and cause severe hazards. Here is where you need to call a Level 2 electrician without delay to fix the issues. Only level 2 electricians understand the complex and correct system that needs to be positioned in place of the previous one. Old switchboards tend to cause short circuits recurrently because they can’t handle the power circulation of modern appliances. So, you need to call Level 2 electricians who can install new switchboards.

Electrical Sparks

In many instances, electrical appliances get sparks, and there is a greater likelihood that it occurs due to the faulty mechanism in the switchboards. Sparks close to the switchboard are more hazardous as they can disrupt the power supply from the main supply box of the property. If this happens, you need to call Level 2 electricians to replace the main meter box and switchboard fuse.

Replace Old Fuse

To replace old fuses, you must call a Level 2 electrician. Older fuses do not offer the required safety and protection; they can even burst when appliances with high electric consumption are attached. Level 2 electricians can provide suitable fuses that can withstand high and low-voltage appliances at the same time. Level 2 electricians can install fuses correctly to avert any future electrical mishaps.

Final Words

If you experience any problems mentioned above, you must call a Level 2 electrician to repair your switchboard or perform switchboard upgrades in Sydney without delay. Besides these works, Level 2 electricians can also install and connect electrical meters, upgrade the power supply and work on overhead and underground service lines.