Everyone disdains the energy that a messy room gives them. When you live in a messy room then you receive quite negative, confusing, and irritating energy which makes it hard to stay in such a place. You will try your best to finish your task and get out of it as soon as possible. This is the same when it comes to handwriting in the IELTS exam. There is a misconception that the IELTS exam demands beautiful cursive handwriting from the candidates. There is no denying the fact that to ace any written exam, you must have good handwriting. But here good handwriting simply means handwriting that is clear and understandable to the reader. Indeed, clear handwriting will help the examiner understand excellently whatever you have written. 

During the writing section of the IELTS exam, you have to write your answer in clear and understandable handwriting. So that, the examiner won’t feel troubled to understand your answer. We will encapsulate some tips to enhance your handwriting and attempt the writing section of the IELTS exam excellently. 

It is observed that some candidates have a habit to write a particular alphabet in an unofficial style. Well, getting rid of this habit before booking your IELTS exam date is mandatory. Because the examiner can cut your scores for using an invalid style of an alphabet.

Get familiar with the tips to improve your handwriting and answer writing to ace the IELTS exam: 

Neat and clean handwriting

Well, what if you get a book to read that is written in messy handwriting. You can’t decipher the actual meaning or sense of the words. Moreover, you will feel quite frustrated when you have to read concepts written in messy handwriting. Therefore, you have to keep your answer sheet clean without any wrinkles. Also, use proper spacing between words as this will make your answer clear. For this, you have to practice writing keeping a difference of the tip of your index finger between the words. Use a good-quality pen so that its ink doesn’t get smudged on the paper. You have to practice in advance to improve the cleanness of your handwriting. 

Practice answer writing 

Many candidates often miss attempting the last questions in the rush of writing their answers in cursive beautiful answer writing. No, you have to attempt the entire paper excellently within time using clear handwriting. Know in which handwriting style, you can write your answer fast and accurately. Use that handwriting style that makes you cover the entire paper within time. Also, make sure the handwriting is easily understandable and clean. For this, we advise you to practice answer writing in advance during the preparation period. Writing on black or whiteboards will also make a significant improvement to your handwriting. Moreover, choose the handwriting style that makes you write your answer quickly and gives time to think about organizing your ideas.  

Writing tools

You should possess all the necessary tools to write your answer before appearing for the exam. For instance, pens, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners. Ensure the quality of these tools so that you can easily attempt your paper without any hassle. Using a pencil during the listening and reading section of the exam will be quite beneficial. Because there would be some chances that you need to erase the previous answer. Also, prefer a dark pen or pencil to write your answer as the examiner can easily see what is written on the paper. It’s advisable to check the quality of your writing tools in advance to avoid any trouble. 

Clear alphabet

You must have experienced that many students often use an unofficial or unclear style of the alphabet. Using any unofficial and unclear style of the alphabet can make you get a low score. Therefore, you have to use a clear and official style of the alphabet. Well, many students often have a habit of writing ‘a’ and ‘o’ similarly. Not differentiating between them will confuse the examiner during the interpretation of the words. He can misinterpret the words and can consider it a spelling mistake. Therefore, if you have any habit of using any informal or invalid style of writing any alphabet then, try to get rid of it. 

If you don’t have good writing then, practice rewriting the articles in newspapers before booking your IELTS/PTE exam dates. Furthermore, check the suitable exam dates from the official websites of the exam conducting authorities. 


Definitely, good handwriting is imperative to make your answer readable as well as leave a good impression on the examiner. With sincere practice, you can surely improve your handwriting to a great level.