Voltaire once said that “Writing is the painting of the voice” but when it comes to academic writing. Then this inner voice has to come out in the most refined form. Academic writing projects are such forms of writing in which a person cannot rely on his heart. But have to write with his mind and his knowledge.  In this age of competition, students face many challenges in their academics (bestassignmentwriter, 2022) as students. Often assigned essays, assignments, dissertations, and other such academic projects which prove to be very challenging for students. 

Essay writing is one of the most common forms of writing that is assigned to students. From the very beginning of their academic lives till the very last. Even after that; students struggle in writing essays because they keep making the same mistakes again and again. Students often buy services from online dissertation writers, assignment writing service providers, and so on. It is completely fine to take professional assistance as long as students are aware of their own shortcomings.  

Essay writing:

One can only be good at anything if he has a good understanding of the concept and purpose of the particular thing. This applies to essay writing as well. An essay can be defined as a piece of an academic writing project in which a particular statement or topic. Discussed by the student/writer with pieces of evidence and solid logical arguments. The length of an essay can vary from 500 words to 5000 words. But most commonly it is short and precise.

Purpose of essay writing:

Every academic writing project has a certain purpose and importance. Following are some of the apparent benefits of essay writing;

  • Broadens the student’s understanding of the topic.
  • It helps the teacher in evaluating and assessing the students’ growth. 
  • Improves the writing skills of the student.
  • Essays are meant to persuade the reader toward the writer’s point of view.
  • It is through essays that information regarding different topics is provided to people.
  • It imparts critical thinking and strong analyzing capabilities to the students.

Typical mistakes of students when writing an essay:

Students try to understand the way and procedure of essay writing but they often forget to look at the mistakes. That they have been committing while writing essays. The problems that students face while writing an essay are affective problems that raise from students’ and lecturers’ attitudes. While teaching and learning Essay Writing Course, cognitive problems that are considered as difficulties. In the areas of writing viewpoint, transferring language, and the process of writing, and linguistic problems in the area of lexico-grammar. Vocabulary, and the structure of the essay (Bulqiyah, Mahbub, & Nugraheni, 2021).

The following post is all about the typical mistakes that students make and causes the score deduction;

Topic selection:

If students are not already provided with the topic and only have been given a context to write on a particular subject then he/she has to choose the topic quite wisely. You can either take help from professionals in this regard who offer their assistance in the form of history dissertation topics, exclusive essay topics and so on otherwise you must select a unique topic for your essay. 

Never stray from basic format:

Students often forget while writing that they have a certain format and structure to follow. Mainly essay is divided into three categories which are Introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of these parts has its own requirements. 

An introduction must touch on the background of the topic and hint at what the essay is going to be about. The body is the main part of essay writing so it must be thoroughly researched and proficiently written conclusion must end the essay in the most refined form so that it seems like the show has ended beautifully.

Don’t run/ Give time:

Never think that you can write a whole essay within one go. Give at least a week to complete a single essay. Give time to understand the topic, collect the data, jot down the points, and so on. 

Don’t exceed the length:

There must be a reason to give a certain word limit for each essay so make sure that your essay remains within the word limit. Not even a word must cross the given limit. You can end the essay with just 50 words minus the given word limit. 

Never trust Wikipedia:

If you need to collect data from different resources then make sure that your resource is not Wikipedia because anybody can change or add to Wikipedia which is why it is not reliable enough to cite in any academic writing project. 

Don’t plagiarize:

Students often think that their instructor won’t realize that he or she has copied the content but that is not the case. Your plagiarized content can easily be detected by the instructor who has ears of experience. 

Don’t repeat:

One of the most common mistakes that students commit while writing an essay is that they keep using the same sentences again and again. Never do that because it makes the essay look mundane and shows the non-serious attitude of students towards the project 

Never submit before proofreading:

There are times when students are quite confident with how their essays have turned out to be and submit them instantly after completing them without going through them. This results in lots of grammatical mistakes and editing errors which is why it is very important to proofread the content and edit it before submitting it so it will be in its most flawless form when delivered. 


Essay writing is one of the most common and important forms of academic writing which is why students must learn the art of writing an essay. Even though many online writing platforms are available to assist students with their writing projects but it is essential for students to understand the dos and dons of essay writing. Hopefully; this post will help the students in understanding essay writing in a better way.  


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