The exam preparation journey might be stressful and daunting in a plethora of situations. The difficulty level of the exam and a number of challenging situations can lower your productivity. This way, you will find it extremely hard to read or learn something. Don’t worry! The easy and proven methodologies will help you stay productive to better learn the concepts while studying. 

‘What are the miraculous tips of staying productive while studying and how can I follow them’? It is a common question that the majority search on the internet. So, today, you will get a helpful answer to this question that will surely help you complete your competitive exam preparation constructively. Additionally, if you want to start your competitive exam preparation with the perfect guidance of an expert, you can look for a reliable platform on Search India

Here are the amazing tips aspirants can follow to boost their productivity while preparing for the competitive exam: 

Organize your study space 

Although a room with speakers and music on a loud volume may be tempting, it won’t be suitable for a productive study session. Let us tell you that the space you are studying will either make or break your productivity. Therefore, it is better to organize your study space before you start preparing for the exam. If you love to study while listening to music, make sure to switch to soft instrumental music at low volume instead of pop or DJ songs at high volume. Moreover, check whether there is something that can distract you. If you find your smartphone or tablet the major distracting element, make sure to keep them away from your room. It is better to eradicate each source from your study room that is not a helpful study tool but only a piece of distraction. 

Use Pomodoro techniques 

There are two types of students. The first type of students take a lot of breaks while studying but get tempted by their phones and forget to get back to the exam preparation. On the contrary, the second type of students don’t take any breaks while studying and end up losing their concentration. Well, both techniques are wrong, instead, try to use the Pomodoro technique. For instance, after studying for 25 minutes continuously, take a short break of 10 minutes. Get back to your studies after 10 minutes. Repeat this technique 4 times and after that take a long break of 30 minutes. It will help you stay consistent and constructive while studying. 


A stressed mind won’t let you study attentively and you may lose your efficiency to study more. Therefore, it is better to practice mindfulness before starting a study session. It will help you stay calm and constructive while studying and further will enhance your focusing ability and retention ability. Ten minutes of meditation and breathing exercises are a great way of staying constructive while preparing for the competitive exam. 

Find a suitable learning style 

You can’t retain information with every learning style. You first need to check which learning style suits you. If you grasp and retain subjects easily by observing visuals and graphics, you can prefer learning everything with visual learning techniques. However, if you are able to learn everything by listening to the audio, the audio learning style will benefit you a lot. Apart from it, you can use a reading or writing learning style if you find it easy to learn by reading and making notes. If all the techniques are working for you, try to opt for an easy and the best option that can help you acquire positive results. 

Sleep well 

A sleep-deprived person is less productive and finds it a strenuous challenge to focus on the concepts. Moreover, they remain sluggish for the entire day and can’t accomplish any task with full energy. Therefore, it is better to take a quality amount of sleep every night to boost your energy and productivity. Otherwise, less sleep can impact your mental health conditions and may impact your performance and scores. 

Ask for help 

Candidates stumble on a single task, find it hard to accomplish and get frustrated. This frustration degrades their productivity. Either they move on to the other concept or waste a lot of time understanding it. When they move further and try to learn that concept, they don’t get able to focus entirely because of the stress of skipping the concept. Therefore, it’s better to ask for help to attain conceptual clarity of each and every topic for exceptional exam preparation. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, it is imperative to stay productive while studying to learn each concept easily and retain it for a long time. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned tips for constructive competitive exam preparation.