Read on if you’re wondering how to Get Started with the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam. This article will introduce the exam policies, prerequisites, and Learning path. You’ll also learn how to prepare for the exam with an approved Preparation guide. The exam is a critical step in your career and should be taken only after reviewing the information contained in this book. The book has been updated with September 2021 updates.


If you’re considering taking the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 exam, you may want to know the prerequisites. This exam measures your knowledge of the security technologies available in Azure. You need to know about threat protection and vulnerability resolution. As the name implies, this exam covers various topics, including securing cloud data, preventing data loss, and detecting and resolving security vulnerabilities.

Your preparation for the AZ-500 Exam Questions must start with an excellent online learning course. Make sure you select an institution with a strong track record for offering online certificate training. Select an institution with highly competent and experienced specialists offering the Azure AZ-500 training. The study material you purchase should include practice tests, which will help you gauge your progress.

Learning path

There are three main routes to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 exam. The Azure Security+ exam tests the technical skills of individuals who manage security highlights and administrations. Both paths require knowledge of security principles and hands-on experience. To take the exam, candidates must sign up for a free Azure account. The learning path consists of a set of courses that span between one and two hours. All courses are created by Microsoft MVPs and highly technical authors and reviewed by Microsoft and technical peers.

The exam contains a series of sub-topics, including the following:

Exam policies

Taking the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) Exam is a standard process. You will need hands-on experience with the technology and the concepts underlying security. Candidates should also have an understanding of the cloud and virtualization capabilities of Azure. Candidates should also be familiar with other Microsoft products and services. The exam is typically about 40 to 60 questions. Regardless of the number of questions you get, it’s likely to be challenging.

First, you need to know about the exam policies and retake policy. The AZ-500 exam has a fourteen-day retake period. You can only take the exam five times within a year. Through this you can, however, request a reschedule if you miss the exam date. You must also request permission from Microsoft before deferring the opportunity. If you’ve missed the exam date, make sure you reschedule within five business days or cancel your exam.

Preparation guide

The AZ-500 exam is a certification test that measures your knowledge of Azure security technologies. You must score a minimum of 700 points to pass it, and you can take the exam in four languages. This exam will test your technical skills, identity management, platform protection, and security operations. It will also test your knowledge of security applications. If you have studied a preparation guide for this exam, you’ll be able to pass it with flying colors.

The AZ-500 exam is a one-day associate-level test focusing on the Security aspect of Azure services. This exam’s outline covers several essential topics, including implementation, configuration, and management of security alerts. It’s lengthy, so use the Table of Contents to navigate the book and bookmark the sections of interest. The guide is also designed to make it easy to navigate the entire book, with concise summaries of key topics.


The cost of the Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 exam varies depending on where you schedule the exam. Generally, it costs US$165 or EUR165, and you can get a student discount by presenting a student ID. So, this certification requires hands-on experience and knowledge of the Azure platform, and the exam includes scenario and case study-based questions. If you don’t have that kind of experience, you can still take it to earn an excellent salary.

If you’re thinking about taking the AZ-500 exam but don’t know how to prepare for it, you should get a practice test. This way, you can validate your understanding, identify weak areas and learn how to solve questions efficiently. Practice tests are also helpful in familiarizing yourself with the exam environment and format. Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) exams are typically tricky. You can also study for the exam online, a standard test-taking procedure. Just check the policy of your local testing center before you go.

Retake options

There are a few retake options if you’ve failed the first time you sit for the MS AZ-500 exam. First, you have fourteen days to reschedule. Microsoft allows up to five retake attempts per year. However, if you fail an exam, you can’t take it more than five times during that period. To defer this opportunity, you must get permission from Microsoft.

Second, you can download the AZ-500 exam appendix, which will help you prepare for the newest questions on the exam. The appendix will also include additional topics per skill measure section. After you have prepared the newest questions, you can use the appendix to review the new exam questions. Once you complete the exam, you’ll be awarded the Azure Security Engineer Associate certification.

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