Firstly, if you are in search of a good job then you must have a good education. To find a job which suits best to your interests is not easy at all. Finding a job can be a challenging and tiring task. Not having a job in today’s world is very difficult and trying to find a job is even more hectic.

Secondly, it is very important to have an engaging CV. It should be brief but don’t forget to include all your skills, qualifications and achievements. Having just good knowledge and a good CV may not be enough. It is extremely important how you look and act during the interview. You should dress formally and look calm. You should try to control yourself and don’t look too nervous and you should be aware of your body language as well. Keep eye contact with the interviewers but don’t be too informal.

Why is It Difficult to Find a Job in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most recognized cities in the world. Many people dream of finding a good job in Dubai. It is a huge city and not all people are lucky enough to find a job in Dubai. Not just emiratis but people from all over the world are trying to find a job in Dubai. This makes it hard and difficult to find a job.

Following are some reasons why is it difficult to find a job in Dubai:

People Are Not Prepared For the Interview:

Many people apply for jobs in Dubai from outside. When they are called for the interview they are not able to make it in time for the interview and they lose their opportunity to get a job.

It is okay to be nervous at the time interview, some people might find it difficult. They become anxious before the interview and lose all their confidence which makes them lose the opportunity to get a job. Having good interview skills is very important, if you don’t then you might get less than you deserve.

Presenting An Unsatisfying and Boring CV:

The first impression you should make when you’re applying for a job is to present an impressive CV. This engages the interviewer and he would know that you are serious about the job you’re applying for. If you present an unsatisfying and boring CV,  you might not get hired for your dream job. The interviewer will not find your CV interesting. It will be overlooked and the opportunity will be passed to another deserving candidate.   

It is very important to present a proper and satisfying Resume if you want a job in Dubai. Many people are looking for a job in Dubai and presenting your boring CV might be a waste in these times. An interesting CV will make you stand out in the crowd and it might get you your dream job.

Not Applying for the Job at the Right Time:

You should do your research on when is the right to apply for a job in Dubai. The work culture in Dubai is subject to more high and low periods than most cities in the world. Thanks to extremely hot weather and many different religious events. You should not apply for a job in Dubai in April, May, June, July, and December. During these months the hiring process is not that active due to religious holidays. The best time to seek a job in Dubai is February, March, September, October, and November.

Perks of Working in Dubai:

1. You get quality of living. Individuals working in Dubai potentially get their salaries 100% free of tax.

2. Getting tax-free salaries means you can enjoy the world-famous shopping experiences in Dubai.

3. You get to live in one of the safest cities in the world.

4. Working in Dubai means, you get to travel to nearby countries and cities. You get to visit incredible cities and countries through direct flights.

5. The benefit of working in Dubai is that you get to experience diverse working culture and will get exposure to working with people from different countries.


Finding a job in Dubai is difficult but if you manage to find yourself a job that makes you happy and suits best to your interests then consider yourself lucky. Working in assignment help Dubai can be a brilliant opportunity for many people to advance their skills and have a taste of different cultures and countries.