The dissertation introduction chapter is the chapter that serves the purpose of an attention grabber. It grabs the attention of the reader by describing what the research is about and why conducting it is worthwhile. Simply put, this chapter serves as the starting point of your dissertation writing task. If you craft this chapter wrong, be ready to lose your readers. Hence, crafting this chapter is very important. This is exactly why in today’s article, we will unpack the top 10 deadly mistakes to avoid when writing a dissertation introduction. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get to the main point. สล็อตเว็บตรง

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Top 10 mistakes to avoid when writing the dissertation introduction

The introduction chapter is the first and most critical chapter of a dissertation. It tells the reader about the basics of your research study and its significance. As the writer and researcher, you cannot afford to craft the dissertation introduction wrong. Therefore, we are here to discuss the top 10 deadly mistakes to avoid them. A brief description of the mistakes is as follows:

1. Not starting with a hook

A hook sentence is an attention-grabbing sentence that piques the reader of the interest at the very start. It hooks the reader with your dissertation. However, many students do not use the hook. Know that this is a very wrong strategy and is a deadly mistake. You should avoid making this mistake.

2. Not providing enough context

Another mistake that we have seen mostly in the students’ dissertations is that they do not lay the foundation right. It means the students do not provide enough context or background for their research study. Therefore, you should avoid making this mistake and explain the “what”, “where”, and “when” of the study.

3. Insufficient justification of the topic

The dissertation introduction is the section where you justify your research topic and discuss its significance. However, students make mistakes in this section too. They do not provide enough justification for their research aims and objectives, and research topic. As the researcher, you must avoid this mistake.

4. Going too broad in explanation

The deadliest mistake no. 4 that students make in the introduction chapter is going too broad in explaining the chosen topic. This mistake is caused due to early steps involved in the dissertation writing, e.g., topic selection. But even if you have chosen a broad topic, avoid going too broad while explaining the topic.

5. Making nonsense research questions

Research questions are an important aspect of a research study. But what do students do? They develop research questions that make no sense at all or are not measurable. This is a very wrong strategy. As the researcher, you must make sure that your research questions are measurable, answerable, and make sense.

6. Using too much jargon

In order to look more professional and academic, students make the mistake of using too much jargon in the dissertation introduction. They do not know that doing this only undermines the quality of their dissertation. Jargon related to the discipline they are studying is okay. However, as the writer, you must avoid unnecessary jargon.

7. Failing to define the research scope

Defining the research scope is the most important aspect of the introduction. In this section, you set the boundaries of the research study that you are carrying out. Many students just do not pay attention to it and do not define the scope of the study. Know that it is a huge mistake, and as the writer, you must avoid making it.

8. Having misaligned research aims and objectives

The misalignment between the research aims and objectives is another common mistake that we have seen in most dissertations. The research aims go in one direction, and the objectives follow another. You should try to avoid this in the introduction. However, if you cannot craft aligned aims and objectives, hire a dissertation writing service.

9. Not providing an outline

The dissertation introduction outlines the structure of the dissertation that you are going to follow. It tells about the sections that are coming next. However, students make mistakes in this too. They do not provide a clear structure outline of their dissertation. This is the deadliest mistake, and you must avoid making it ASAP.

10. Lack of relevance

Lastly, writing what comes to mind about the research topic makes the introduction section look bad. The lack of relevance of the information is a mistake that we have commonly seen in the students’ dissertation introductions. It should be avoided because relevancy is the most important thing.

Final Thoughts

In this guidepost, we have covered the top 10 deadly mistakes to avoid in the dissertation introduction. Making these mistakes undermine the quality of your dissertation by manifolds. Thus, read above, learn about the mistakes, and avoid them.