Flexible leadership can help you embrace, accept, and lead through change. It’s what you need to avoid career derailment.

Leaders from around the world have to face complexity and change in the name of new challenges, uncertainties, and sudden circumstances. Jobs have been disappearing, shrinking, expanding, and morphing while technology, teammates, and co-workers rapidly alter the way they operate. After the Covid-19 pandemic, leaders and organizations from around the world had to adapt and change the way they run their businesses.

Adaptability is a key requirement since change is inevitable. Therefore, it is up to the leaders to adopt flexible leadership skills that go beyond worldly success and financial status.

How to Be a Flexible Leader?

Research suggests that adaptability can help leaders access a range of behaviors to experiment and shift as things change. Here are some key takeaways on how to successfully adapt to a work environment:

  • Adapt to external pressures that the organization is facing
  • Adjust or try to improve their management style
  • Accept the changes with positivity
  • Revise operations and strategies as you deem fit
  • Trust in yourself
  • Consider other people while adapting to change the system for the better.

According to Zachary Hoffman, author of the book, SWALEADERSHIP: Effective Leadership for a Modern World, “Our society is still using old-fashioned standardized leadership strategies when it comes to business and social life. This inspired me to take action and develop Sensible Worldwide Adaptable Leadership. SWALeaders pride themselves on being observing, diverse & adaptable in their thinking in order to effectively lead themselves and others today & into the future. The reality is that we live in a melting-pot society and we must adjust our leadership accordingly. SWALeadership is the new standard!”

Indeed, the SWALeadership concept is the key to finding the good life, while experiencing a fulfilling leadership journey. It advises the reader on how to adapt their leadership strategy to modern-day norms in order to succeed in the present and future leadership endeavors. The SWALEADERSHIP concept is for all aspiring leaders looking to make a lasting impact on their followers, while also leaving a legacy.

According to another study, the inability to adapt or develop according to the current circumstances often results in career derailment. This is because inflexible leaders restrict other people’s adaptability in the workplace, causing new initiatives to stifle or halt. Resistance to change undermines the system-wide implementation of critical projects, causing not only setbacks but also inducing negative emotions and anxiety among other team members. Employee creativity, morale, cooperation, and enthusiasm are eventually jeopardized, making it challenging for the organization and business to run their operations.

So How Well Do You Adapt To Change?

Answer the following questions to know how well you adapt to change as a leader:

  • Do you accept the change positively?
  • Do you consider adaptation as an opportunity to grow?
  • Do you alter your business operations as deemed necessary?
  • Do you master operating rules, new technology, and business solutions quickly?
  • Do you consider other people’s concerns?
  • Remain optimistic?
  • Do you evaluate your weaknesses and strengths fairly?
  • Do you admit and learn from your mistakes, and move on?

If none of these answers describe you, it’s okay. Many leaders get anxious and stuck in their experience and have a difficult time learning how to proceed. However, not giving up is your key to establishing good leadership qualities. As described by Ronald Reagan,

The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

The bottom line is that the old ways of leadership are becoming more and more ineffective as time goes on and our social norms change. Like it or not, the current and future generations are & will live under new standards, etiquette, possibilities, and working environments. This is why SWALeadership LLC strives to provide coaching to those looking to make positive life transformations. SWALeadership is a strategy that focuses on these changes. It will help you understand, accept and adapt in order to develop & maintain your status as an effective leader now, & into the future. Owned and run by Mr. Hoffman, SWALeadership LLC drives to provide leadership consulting to international organizations using the SWALeadership concept as its basis.


SWALeadership is an effective, modern-day leadership concept that helps leaders embrace discomforts in life. If you wish to learn more about adapting effective leadership styles, buy a copy of SWALeadership by Zachary Hoffman today. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.