Whether a Disney movie or a 3D game, it fascinates viewers how imaginary characters move and act in real life. In the digital era, the animation industry is playing an eminent part. From providing entertainment to children, animation is the best tool for visual communication. The animated videos help businesses to market their brand, improve the UX of their website and boost digital marketing campaigns.

Video animators in the past used traditional animation styles. It refers to hand drawings or paintings on smooth celluloid sheets to create images. Then, the animator used a brush to get these pictures printed on paper. The modern technology era has introduced computer-assisted animation. Today, many animated movies have computer-generated images. They are visually appealing and grasp the viewer’s attention instantly.

Consequently, different professions highly prefer digital video animation as it provides practical benefits and entertainment to the users. Animation visual techniques assist animators and illustrators in creating fascinating videos with amazing storytelling, varying patterns, and moving characters that leave the audience with amazement. Today, animators employ modern art animation styles for video making, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and cartoon animation.

The blog gives an overview of various kinds of animation used in the modern era and how the potential benefits of animation services have motivated various professions to opt for them.

Five Types of Video Animations

Various categories of animation are used for wide-ranging purposes. For instance, animation explainer videos help marketers to promote their brands. Fascinating social media videos help companies to promote digital marketing campaigns. Animation is entertaining and describes big ideas strikingly, captivating a larger audience.

Here are the five main types of animation videos that a video animation production agency can create, depending on your brand’s style, preference, and budget.

  • 2D Animations
  • 3D Animations
  • Motion Graphics 
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Cell Animation

2D Animations

Almost everyone is aware of 2D cartoons. However, most people lack knowledge of 2D animation styles and techniques. The 2D animation style has gained popularity since this technology is easily accessible. 2D animations are designed on a computer in a 2-dimensional flat space. Therefore, 2D Animators need a basic understanding of keyframes and know how to use Adobe Animate. Furthermore, it gives more flexibility to beginners in animation as they don’t have to depend heavily on drawing skills. Video animation services employ 2D amination to make animated marketing videos, cartoons, games, movies, advertisements, and corporate presentations.

3D Animations

 3D animation is currently the most commonly used form of animation, also known as computer animation. The animation uses 3D computer graphics to formulate two-dimensional moving pictures that describe three dimensions. It implies that 3D animators need to have knowledge of graphic techniques and learn to model a character digitally. In the past, 3D animations produced TV shows, video games, and movies. Businesses utilize this technique for creating informative materials to promote their brand and services. Various organizations utilize 3D visuals for study and research purposes.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics focuses on the ability to move graphic elements, shapes, and text. This process is commonly used for electronic media that include creating infographics, explainer videos, movies with subtitles, and advertisements. Generally, these videos entertain the audience and demonstrate the business’ capabilities by illustrating data and statistics.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation captures the viewers’ attention in no time. Whiteboard animations illustrates a video style representing static images drawn on the screen. Using whiteboard animations has countless benefits. From making tutorial videos about how to use a product to signing up for a service, whiteboard animation allows brands to boost business communication and marketing strategy and improve their sales. Consequently, businesses hire video animation services to help boost digital marketing. In addition, they offer innovative ways to advertise and market their services or products. Hence, Whiteboard animations make marketing possibilities practically endless for businesses.

Cell Animation

Cel animation is referred to as Traditional animation and Classical animation. The animator creates 2D drawings on sheets of transparent plastic is done by hand. Cell animation is similar to 2D video animations; however, traditional Cel animation is extremely time-consuming and expensive compared to modern animation methods. In addition, cell animations involve several diverse and complex structures with significantly modified postures.

The Bottom Line

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