In a nutshell neon signs, Vintage is a top trend this year and is predicted to continue through 2023! What could be more vintage than some neon lights hanging throughout the home with a favorite quotation or maybe a piece of art? Neon signs may be changed into our favorite sayings, hashtags, and yes, even art, in addition to simply saying “open” or “closed.” The neon gas-filled vacuum tubes can be fashioned into anything your heart desires, even a face! Your personal area should be a happy environment for you. Allow your joy to shine!

1. The Vintage Look

Vintage was one of the hottest home décor trends from the beginning of 2019, and it’s here to stay. With vintage becoming a popular trend, how can you resist choosing the right accent piece to highlight your uniqueness to hang in your home? Of course, decorating does not end with your home. Tell the world what it is that makes you, you. Consider decorating your office space with a neon sign that says #Boss in your preferred color. Consider your wedding day, the happiest day of your life, with your and your soon-to-initials Be’s in the shape of a gigantic heart.

Or the words “happily ever after” shining brightly for your wedding celebration. That’s a keepsake for a lifetime! Makeover your bathroom with a neon light behind your mirror or by framing it. The options are limitless! Creating your own personalized neon sign is now easier and less expensive than before!

2. Eat Here Neon Sign for Diner

A vintage style “Eat Here” sign cut in an arrow shape is another diner neon sign that is nothing short of spectacular. What’s more, the words are impressed on tin metal, which adds to their allure. Even if you’re not hungry, this classic neon sign will add authenticity to your dinner. You can put it in your basement bar, alongside your grill, or even in your casual eat-in kitchen. This classic neon sign can never go wrong. The vibrant colors, vintage mood, and fantastic worn appearance make this neon sign ideal for dining, homes, man caves, restaurants, and pubs.

3. Home Bar

Another recent trend is having a home bar or man cave. We may not all have enough space for a house bar, but chances are you have a man cave or she yard. Neon signs continue to play an important role in bars around the country, blazing brightly in the window of your favorite place with the brand of your favorite (or least favorite) beverage. It appears that you will be able to bring some of your favorite brand’s neon signs into your home bar. You could upgrade your home bar with your own unique neon sign, such as “Jim’s Place” or “George’s Pub” (design your own name neon light)

4. Mug of Hot Coffee

What could be cozier in the winter than an old-fashioned coffee shop? Caffeine addicts can’t get enough of a hot cup of coffee. For many folks, the day does not start until they have their morning latte. You may have noticed classic coffee neon signs outside or even inside coffee businesses. A neon coffee sign can also help you create a warm ambiance in your kitchen. Display one on the kitchen wall. Invite a friend over for a cup of coffee, order a burger and fries, turn on some great music, and watch the coffee sign glow.

5. Man caves

Many man caves feature a band or two, in addition to vintage metal signage. There are some really cool neon signs out there that feature the Rolling Stones’ distinctive tongue sticking out of the mouth. Some people have made mixed media art by layering neon signs over a painted canvas. Carlos Buffet’s Margaritaville is one of the most renowned pieces of both bar swag and music business swag.

Consider a parrot and a palm tree saying “Margaritaville,” or a beach image with the phrase “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” You can even have the symbol of your favorite sports team lit up in neon lights to beautify your room. Whether you want to design your home bar, office, or game area, personalized neon signs might be a fantastic alternative. Glow on and discover what makes you happy!

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