In San Jose, pressure washing represents a tremendous labor saver for many homeowners. Whether you do it yourself or hire a pressure washing service to tackle the task for you, an entire home can be cleaned of dirt, dust, and mildew in a fraction of the time it would have previously taken to hand scrub the house. It’s not only a more efficient way of cleaning the exterior of your home, but it’s also far more effective since high-pressure water combined with cleaners can scour almost any contaminant off the surface of your residence.

Despite the tremendous benefits that come with pressure washing, it’s still quite affordable. Pressure washing prices are low when compared to the costs of manually cleaning a building the size of a home. It’s also an ideal method of surface preparation if you plan to paint your home’s exterior. For many, pressure washing prior to painting is nonnegotiable and must be done before painting begins. What are the benefits of pressure washing before painting your house? Keep reading to learn more about the practice and the advantages it offers.

Easy Surface Prep

Usually, before you paint the exterior surfaces of a home, there’s a lot of surface preparation that must be done. The elements are hard on paint, which can lead to chalking, cracking, flaking, bubbling, and painting. Applying new paint over these defects is a recipe for disaster, so the traditional method of preparing the surface is to scrape and sand the old paint away manually. High-pressure power washing can take the hard labor out of that task by knocking any loose or damaged paint away. Power washing will save you time and make for easier surface prep before painting even begins.

Better Paint Adhesion

For exterior paint to be resilient and durable under the assault of the outdoor elements, it must successfully adhere to the surface that’s being painted. Many factors can impact adhesion, but one of the primary issues is the cleanliness of the surface. Things like dust, dirt, debris, and mildew are considered surface contaminants because they prevent paint from fully adhering to the exterior of your home. Subpar adhesion can seriously undermine your paint job; it can lead to premature flaking and chipping as well as bubbling. There’s an old maxim that anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. That applies to this scenario. Failure to remove contaminants from the surface of your home’s exterior before painting will only result in doing the work over again in the near future.

Removes Organic Contaminants

Dust and dirt can corrupt your new paint job, but mildew and mold growth is equally as effective at undermining your hard work on the exterior of your home. Even if you think you’ve washed away mildew and mold growth, you may have literally only scratched the surface. That’s because many traditional ways of preparing your home for painting only deal with mildew on the surface. However, mildew and its spores can work into cracks and crevices to begin life anew immediately after painting. Some types of mold can even penetrate the wood and continue growing after painting. In either case, mold and mildew don’t just compromise your fresh paint, but they can also lead to wood damage and rot that will require repairs in the future. Power washing and the right chemicals can ensure that no mold continues to grow before the painting begins.

If you pant to paint the exterior of your home, pressure washing in San Jose, CA, can provide you with many surface prep benefits that would otherwise be unavailable to the average homeowner. To learn more about why it’s important for you to power wash your home before painting, contact Clean Sweep Services, Inc., at (888) 715-9749.