Did you know that the average person spends 3 years of their life lying on the couch watching TV? Couches are also important pieces of furniture because they’re usually among the most expensive things in your home and many people spend countless hours lounging on them. These facts alone should explain why it’s so important to keep your couch clean and in good condition, especially if you like to invite guests over from time to time.

Leather & Upholstery Cleaning Experience in Illawarra & Wollongong

Couch cleaning Wollongong has been serving Illawarra and Wollongong for over a decade. Our experienced team will provide you with superior couch cleaning services that will leave your furniture looking and smelling better than ever before. We offer an affordable, professional couch-cleaning service in the Illawarra & Wollongong region.

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Where is that awful smell coming from?

Couch Cleaning Wollongong is a professional Couch Cleaner in Wollongong. With years of experience, we make sure to get your couch as good as new. There are a lot of reasons why your couch may smell – it could be that you spill coffee on the fabric and didn’t clean it off or an animal vomited on the fabric. When you’re not living with animals and other people who can contribute to the smelly fabric, it’s easy enough for you to notice when something needs attention.

But if there’s a funky smell coming from one of your couches, then chances are it needs some deep cleaning.

The water from your cleaning solution can cause mold and mildew to grow.

Couch Cleaning in Wollongong can be frustrating because you’ll spend hours taking your couch apart, vacuuming and shampooing it, but the next day you’ll notice that it smells even musty than before. This is because the water from your cleaning solution can cause mold and mildew to grow. The cushions may also have been wet during your cleaning process which allows for this type of growth. There are a few ways to avoid this issue in the future:

The first step is to make sure that you dry out all of the cushions thoroughly after they’ve been vacuumed and sprayed with cleaner. Leave them outside in direct sunlight if possible, or try a dehumidifier inside or use an air conditioner on hot days when it is not raining. The second step would be to use less water when wiping down surfaces as this will help minimize any residual moisture getting into the fabric on your couch’s surface.

How to get rid of the bad smell after carpet cleaning

We recommend that you follow these steps to get rid of the bad odors after carpet cleaning. Step 1: After vacuuming, pour one gallon of white vinegar on the carpet and let it soak for a few minutes. Step 2: Blot up excess liquid with paper towels or a clean rag. This will remove any leftover residue from your carpet. Step 3: Let the vinegar dry completely before walking on it. The same goes for food stains like ketchup or wine; enzymatic cleaners can also be used there!

Wet Dog Smell After Cleaning

Couch Cleaning Wollongong to avoid your couch to smell, it’s important that it is cleaned properly. People need to clean their sofas regularly because you are always going to find a spill, an ink spot sor just general wear and tear from the living room. If you can have a professional come and clean your sofa for you, then this will always be the best option as they have all the necessary experience and skills that are required to do such a good job. You may also find that using a carpet cleaner on your sofa will help reduce bad odors within the fabric of the couch itself.


Couch Cleaning in Wollongong is the answer to your problem. We’re experts in couch and upholstery care, as well as all other furniture types. Simply call us for a free quote and we’ll be able to advise on what steps you need to take to get your couch smelling clean again. You may have been mistaken about not getting rid of bacteria or organic matter – couch cleaning Wollongong will kill any living organisms, making it a lot safer for you and your family.