Waste is a broad term and you have to know that there are many kinds of trash, junk, or garbage that fall in the category of waste. So, defining the types of waste is not something that you can describe plainly. All waste types are interconnected and all of them cause potential threats to a certain extent.

To sum up, limiting the types of waste is not as possible as you think it is. So, we will be stuck with domestic waste and discuss 8 types of waste that need to be tackle quite carefully.

Domestic waste

In simple terms, domestic waste is the household waste that we normally produced. Every kind of waste including heavy waste like old appliances or discarded furniture, kitchen waste, and renovation waste, comes in this category.

Comprehensively put we can divide domestic waste into the following categories.

1.     Food waste

As for food waste, we don’t think we have to define it so much about it. We all know food fall under the organic category which means it has the ability to decompose. Everything that can be decomposed can act as a habitat or breeding ground for numerous microorganisms that can arise health risks. So, make sure food waste or any other kitchen waste is treated right and dispose of properly.

2.     Paper waste

Whether you have children or not the use of paper is inevitable at home. In fact, since when the atrocious nature of polythene bags is known paper bags replaced them. Certainly, it is a good thing because the paper is decomposable, but as an excess of everything is bad, similarly the excessive use of paper leads to the problem where we have to make sure that paper waste is disposed of in the right manner.

3.     Plastic waste

Although polythene bags are ban still, we can’t just eliminate plastic from our lives. There are just so many things where plastic is used so removing it from our lives is nearly impossible. In that situation, we have to adopt techniques by which we don’t produce much plastic waste. A good way to reduce plastic waste is to adopt recycling and reusing techniques.

4.     Metal

There are certain things we use in our everyday life that fall under this category. The use of juice cans, aluminum sheets, and other canned things is quite common. Thus, instead of throwing away food, plastic, or any other kind of waste, make sure to segregate it from other things and discard them separately. In this regard, Kent waste removal service by junk is removed is here for you.

5.     Rags

All kinds of unused clothes or fabric waste fall under the category of rags, so dealing with them in an appropriate way is important. Either you can donate your old clothes to charity or you can hire a junk removal kent WA service about which you are sure that they would deal with your things in an appropriate way.

6.     Glass

Glass jars and bottles are mostly used in houses. Various foods like juices, milk, pickle, jams, and spreads come in glass bottle packaging. The best way to deal with such glass waste is to reuse the bottles for other purposes. However, at some point, you need to throw them and when that time comes it is important that you ensure that you have disposed of them in the right way.

7.     Heavy waste

Any old furniture, appliances, and other heavy things come under this category. There is no way that you can manage appropriately this type of waste on your own. You need to have the right service to make sure that your waste won’t end up disturbing the environment.

8.     Reconstruction waste

Who doesn’t want the occasional renovation work for their place? Of course, everyone does. However, the waste that is generated during this reconstruction is another story. So, making sure that you hire the right junk removal company is extremely important which can guarantee you the effective disposal of your waste.


In the end, hiring the appropriate residential trash removal services is the key to effectively disposing of your residential or you can say domestic waste. Most of the time people consider hiring the appropriate junk removal company a waste of time and money. When in actuality they save both time and money. Hiring a dumpster or calling local authorities to deal with your junk is both a tiring and time-taking procedure, but with a junk removal company like junk is removed you don’t have to go to any such lengths.