When your neighborhood’s streets are clean and free of debris, you probably don’t give much thought to how they got that way, but you’ll definitely notice when leaves, debris, and trash begin to pile up. Having your streets swept and cleaned regularly has many benefits beyond improving the simple appearance of your commercial property. Keep reading to find out the benefits of street cleaning in San Jose.

Driver Safety

Simply put, clean roads are safe roads. If you’ve been driving for any amount of time, you probably have firsthand experience with encountering road debris. Shredded tires, construction debris, and items that have fallen off of other vehicles create major road hazards. Drivers have to swerve to avoid these items, which drastically increases the risk of an accident. And if you don’t avoid the debris, it could damage your car—and you’d be hard-pressed to receive any sort of compensation for the repairs.

While road debris is still going to happen (sweepers can’t be out there 24/7), regularly sweeping the streets clears these hazards away so that they don’t remain on the road for too long. This makes the streets safer for everyone.

Pedestrian Safety

Drivers aren’t the only ones who are safer when the roads are clean. Pedestrians and cyclists benefit as well. Often, road debris gets pushed off to the side of the road by the movement of cars, causing trash and other obstructions to accumulate in the shoulder. This is often where pedestrians and cyclists find themselves; so, when those shoulders are obstructed by debris, if a sidewalk is unavailable or otherwise inaccessible, the pedestrians or cyclists may move into the main roadway to get by. This can be dangerous if oncoming vehicles don’t see them. Or, if they continue through the debris, they risk injuring themselves and/or damaging their bicycle.

Animal Safety

Think humans are the only ones who are safer when the roads are clear? Think again. Animals are often attracted to the trash on the side of the road since it can sometimes contain discarded food. Eating this food can be hazardous to their health if it’s been tainted by oil and other roadside waste. Additionally, wildlife and pets alike can be struck by vehicles when they’re rifling through the trash on the side of the road.

Higher Property Values

Commercial property value and curb appeal are important, and you don’t want something as preventable as dirty streets to leave a negative first impression. Dirty streets are unattractive and make a neighborhood (or an entire city) look poorly maintained. This doesn’t attract tenants or customers to the area, especially if the roads remain unswept for longer periods of time.

Environmental Benefits

Finally, the environment as a whole benefits from well-maintained streets. That trash in the gutters can get swept into the storm drains and into nearby water sources if it’s not cleaned up. In addition to trash, hazardous waste, such as oil runoff and small bits of rubber from vehicles, can be on the streets, and this has major negative impacts on nearby wildlife and natural areas. Clean streets benefit everyone in the area, including the drivers and pedestrians who use the road and the animals and wilderness areas that surround them. If you need San Jose street sweeping services to get your streets clean again, contact Clean Sweep Services, Inc., today.