If you’ve ever been a project manager on a large capital project, you’re well aware of the tremendous pressure that comes with the job. With so many different people, departments, and corporate and government entities relying on you for leadership, you need to have a diverse skillset in order to keep up. The success or failure of a project will ultimately be determined by whether or not you’ve mastered the unique set of requirements that come with being the project manager. Capital project management consulting firms specialize in assisting managers like yourself in mastering these valuable skills. Here are the most important skills worth considering when hiring a capital project management company.


It’s hard to overestimate the important role communication plays in managing a large capital project. An effective manager needs to be able to precisely explain what they require at any given moment. Should they be misunderstood, the errors resulting from a lack of communication can accelerate rapidly, threatening the success of a project. You need to be clear and concise when working with your team, and you should be able to give constant updates to clients, employees, and everyone else involved.


You can never be too prepared, but this is especially true for capital project managers. Any large capital project will prove unwieldy if everything isn’t properly scheduled, even the smallest detail possible. While you’ll need to be flexible to account for unexpected delays, you’ll be better prepared for any complications by having a detailed game plan already in place. The more in-depth the degree of planning, the more agile you’ll be when you’re forced to adapt to changing circumstances.

Time Management

As a project manager, you can’t expect everyone to get the most out of their timeif you’re unable to get the most out of yours. The important thing is to identify the difference between tasks that are important and tasks that are urgent. There are only so many things you can do in the course of a day, so a skilled project manager will be able to recognize which duties they’ll need to tackle at the moment, and which ones they can put off or delegate to someone else. Such considerations are important for you and for the people under your charge.

Risk Management

Good project managers need to be able to identify problems before they occur. Mostrisks aren’t as threatening to a project as they first seem, which is why it’s so important to recognize the ones which could derail a project or create unnecessary and expensive delays. Even the most hazardous risk, however, won’t appear to be urgent when it first appears, leading many project managers to not treat the threat as seriously as they should. A manager who is skilled in risk management should be able to properly assess which risks are too greatand make adjustments accordingly. They’ll want to talk with their team for input on how to best proceed, and they can’t be afraid to speak frankly with clients regarding what needs to be done to reduce risk and why.

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