WhatsApp Marketing: Marketing is the most effective strategy to communicate with potential consumers and generate leads. Marketers use a variety of marketing mediums to promote their business, including radio, newspapers, and television. However, entrepreneurs believe in an effective and efficient channel for users and the entrepreneur.

WhatsApp is a popular app with billions of users and a high open and read rate. Using WhatsApp for marketing is the most effective technique to increase leads and promote the brand.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about WhatsApp marketing service and what your new approach will be to reach your customers.

Let’s take a closer look at the concept:

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Despite a large number of users on these networks, some organizations continue to underestimate the impact of a text-based platform with a larger monthly active user base than Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular mobile messaging service with over 2 billion monthly active users.

Informing consumers and followers about the product through the news app was a great marketing strategy. Most people find it exciting and effective. Direct communication with the consumer is a successful marketing strategy. Customers like to buy from companies that communicate directly with them.

WhatsApp Marketing is a form of marketing channel used to promote businesses and engage with customers.

Users prefer SMS or text messages over marketing calls. And enjoy hearing promotional messages on WhatsApp. WhatsApp marketing channel is used to provide notifications, discounts and offers.

 Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing:

1. The most popular mobile messaging system

WhatsApp is one of the few Android and iOS apps with over five billion installs. It is the most popular messaging app in 100+ countries with over 2 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart said in a December 2020 tweet that the app sends over 100 billion messages a day. It requires no effort to utilise the service, send bulk WhatsApp messages, or WhatsApp bulk message sender.

2. Better Engagement Rate than Facebook

WhatsApp has a 99% open rate and a 70% engagement rate compared to Facebook (the percentage of daily active users compared to monthly active users). Therefore, a marketing message is more likely to be opened and read compared to other media.

3. The Best Personalized Messaging

Customers who like you can build trust and loyalty by receiving personalized interactions. Businesses can communicate directly with customers using WhatsApp marketing strategies. This level of interaction allows marketers to negotiate deals and offers based on customer preferences.

4. People Prefer Conversations to Calls

Smartphone users in the United States send and receive five times more text messages than phone calls. Customers in South Korea, India, Singapore and the United States prefer texting customer service to phone calls. Convenience marketers should take advantage of the fact that 76% of millennials prefer texting over phone calls because it gives them more control over their marketing strategy.


WhatsApp marketing is a wonderful way to build long-term customer relationships and build your brand. Go beyond the usual marketing channels and become a Whatsapp marketer to get the ROI you want.

Setting goals, researching your audience, creating quality content, and maintaining strong customer relationships are essential parts of creating a WhatsApp marketing strategy. Several brands have mastered these approaches to achieve high ROI.

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