What are Twitch Bits, what are Cheers, and how much do they cost?

We are going to explain what Twitch Bits are, how they differ from the Cheers they are linked to, and what their price is. This is one of the methods that Twitch has so that users who broadcast can get money for it from the people who are watching them.

We are going to start by explaining to you in the most complete and simple way possible what exactly the Bits are. Then, we’ll tell you what Cheers are so you can see the differences, and we’ll finish by telling you the prices to buy Bits.

What are Twitch Bits

Users who broadcast on Twitch have several ways to earn money. One of the main ones is Twitch subscriptions, through which users can pay a monthly fee in exchange for some unique rewards on their favorite creator’s channel, with three different levels of the monthly payment. How Much Are Twitch Bits Worth?

The second method is to send Bits through the Cheers system that the platform has. It is a system with which you can make punctual payments at a specific moment of the broadcast. This method is more visual and interactive, as you send the streamer a public donation that shows an animation.

You will send the prizes in the form of Twitch Bits. The Bits are a kind of token or internal monetary unit of Twitch, and first, you have to buy them, and then you are going to send them to the broadcasters you want.

When you make these public donations, which are a way of publicly rewarding the broadcaster to show your love or support, you will do so by choosing the number of Bits you want to send. Therefore, the amount of rewards or donations is up to you.

There are two ways you can send the Bits you want. On the one hand, you have the icon to send Bits in the same space where you write in the streamer’s channel, right next to the emojis. You can also write the term cheer in the channel followed by the amount you want to donate. For example, you type cheer100 to send a 100 Bit Cheer.

what are cheers

Cheers are the act of donating Bits to the creator of your choice. It comes to be like a gift card, in which you will deliver the Bits that you have determined. Therefore, the Cheer is the message that everyone will see in the chat, and through which you give this broadcaster the reward that you have decided.

Cheers can have Cheermotes. They are a kind of animated emoticons that are used to make the Cheers through which you deliver the most visual Bits. You can send these Cheermotes with any number of Bits, and you have several to choose from. In addition, Bit donations also show other emotes that are directly dependent on the amount you send.

How much are the Bits

There are several packs of Bits that you can buy, each one of them at a certain price. In addition, some of the packs have specific discounts to make them more attractive and cheaper

What are Twitch’s achievements and what are they for?

The varieties of Bits packs are many. You can buy 100 Bits for 1.53 euros, and up to 25,000 Bits if you don’t mind spending more than 330 euros at the moment. The prices of the Bits are already shown with VAT so that there are no surprises when buying them.

  • 100 Bits cost 1.53 euros.
  • 300 Bits cost 3.28 euros with a 29% discount.
  • 500 Bits cost 7.65 euros.
  • 1500 Bits cost 21.81 euros with a 5% discount.
  • 5000 Bits cost 70.42 euros with an 8% discount.
  • 10,000 Bits cost 137.78 euros with a 10% discount.
  • 25000 Bits cost 336.79 euros with a 12% discount.