A two-wheeler EMI calculator is an online tool designed to calculate the monthly installment you need to pay after availing of the loan. The EMI calculator would give an instant EMI amount once you input the principal amount, interest rate, and repayment tenure after clicking on the “Calculate EMI” button. It lets you know the EMI amount in advance on the principal amount and interest payments on the loan for a specific duration.

It also allows you to choose the EMI value you can afford every month by adjusting the value of the loan repayment duration, which helps you to pay your monthly installment without any delinquency or default. Hero Glamour EMI Calculator determines the monthly amount at the interest rate of 9.5% interest for a tenure of 36 months.

The advantages that you can get from a two-wheeler EMI calculator

A quick calculation of the EMI amount:

The two-wheeler EMI calculator eliminates manual calculation, which consumes more time and is prone to errors. EMI calculators can be used by people who find it difficult to calculate the EMI amount. After entering the numeric values in your respective fields and clicking on the button, you will get an EMI amount.

Helps you to know the monthly amount to be paid in advance:

Hero Glamour EMI calculator enables the borrower to know the EMI amount in advance on the principal amount and the interest rate. It lets you know whether the EMI is within your reach. If the EMI does not suit your budget or is not within your repayment capacity, you can increase the loan tenure value to arrive at a suitable EMI.

Helps you to choose the repayment duration:

Gone are those days when borrowers didn’t have an option to select the loan repayment duration. However, many reforms have taken place over the years. The lenders use a two-wheeler EMI calculator with flexible repayment options for the buyers so they would get more business. Hero Glamour EMI Calculator lets the borrower choose the interest rate and the loan repayment tenure according to their convenience. Hence, the borrowers can get a good credit score, which helps them to get financial assistance in the future.

Enables you to check affordability:

The two-wheeler EMI calculator gives instant results to borrowers, enabling them to check their repayment capacity. If they cannot afford it, they can opt for a low-interest rate and a high duration to a fair amount. Hero Glamour EMI calculator provides you with the required amount and accepts the interest rate and repayment tenure to benefit the borrowers.

Effecting planning and managing your finances:

The two-wheeler EMI calculator helps you plan and manage your finances effectively, so it will teach you to live comfortably within your means after deducting the EMI amount from your bank account. Hero Glamour EMI calculator provides flexible options that make financial planning and management easy.

Safe and confidential:

You need not log in to the website to know the monthly EMI in advance. Hence, your identity would remain anonymous.

Helps in negotiation:

Once you get well-versed with the basics of financial aspects and critical terms of getting a two-wheeler loan, you can coordinate with the bank to negotiate the interest rate, processing fees, etc.


The two-wheeler EMI calculator helps you to determine your financial standings and repayment capacity with an option to reduce the interest rate to the minimum and repayment tenure to the maximum. Hero Glamour EMI calculator is one of those calculators that provide customers with that flexibility.