Accubid is a powerful system that can help you manage your bid process. Whether you need to create bids for one product or a large project, Accubid is designed to make it easy for you to make accurate estimates. It has an extensive library of assemblies and can count component quantities. It also breaks down the bid into physical and logical components. Other features of the system include a comprehensive material database, an integrated takeoff, and disaster protection. Additionally, Accubid supports multiple users.

Trimble Accubid Enterprise

Trimble Accubid Enterprise pricing is based on a flexible framework for estimating bids and change orders. This helps reduce redundancy and reduces the risk of errors. The system also integrates items, assemblies, and specifications into one application. The system is flexible in terms of pricing and has a wide range of features.

The software comes with several subscription plans, ranging from single licenses to multiple-user plans. If you have a large number of employees, you can opt for the enterprise plan. Other subscription plans offer different features depending on the amount of time you plan to spend estimating projects. It is easy to use and can be customized to fit your business needs.

The software includes a flexible database, a live update feature, and an integrated supplier pricing module. It also comes with an advanced reporting tool that looks professional and provides easy access to the data.

Trimble Accubid Anywhere

The Trimble Accubid pricing plan combines estimating, change management, and pricing in one tool. Its powerful cloud-based software is easy to use and manage. Regardless of size or industry, it offers comprehensive price and cost management. Users can access the same software and data from multiple offices and departments. It allows users to modify variables such as conduit size or material type. This allows users to easily customize construction projects and respond quickly to value engineering proposals.

This subscription-based software offers full estimating functionality for mechanical, electrical, and IT contractors. It includes a comprehensive material and labor database, graphical takeoff, and multi-level breakdowns. It also provides a direct connection to Trimble’s TRA-SER database and electronic pricing from local suppliers.

Trimble Accubid Classic

The Trimble Accubid Classic electrical estimating software can help you create accurate electrical bids and increase takeoff speed. The software includes a complete material database, multi-level breakdown functionality, and cost codes. It is also flexible enough to handle the needs of any sized project. You can take advantage of free demos to evaluate the software’s capabilities before making a financial commitment. For more information, contact the sales team at Trimble or learn more about Accubid Classic by downloading a free trial version.

The software can integrate with other applications such as Trimble Accubid LiveCount and Accubid Change Order. It also offers cost allocation for indirect and incidental labor. It also lets you print vendor pricing. The software also includes an enhanced link to the TRA-SER Link 2 Specifications by Trade Service. You can now add material from the Trimble Accubid estimating software to a TRA-SER specification.

Trimble Accubid Estimating Essentials

Electrical estimating can be a complex process requiring specific tools that help a company achieve a high-quality estimate. The Trimble Accubid Estimating Essential program provides those tools as well as information-sharing tools that foster collaboration. With this Trimble Accubid construction software, you can easily create and distribute estimates to team members, bid and win more business, and protect your margins. It also includes a 3D laser scan service that allows you to capture accurate measurements.

Accubid is one of the most comprehensive estimating solutions available, with advanced features that are unique to Trimble. It has a fully customizable database, a live update feature, integrated supplier pricing, and a powerful reporting module. You can even build custom assemblies with this software to create accurate and reliable estimates.

Trimble Accubid ASP

If you are looking for cloud-hosted estimating software, you should consider Trimble Accubid Anywhere. The program allows multiple users to collaborate on a project and provides real-time pricing. It also offers customizable attributes and customizable signatures. Accubid Anywhere is priced at less than $15,000 per user per year.

Accubid Anywhere provides pricing and estimating functionality for a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects. It integrates with CAD files and digitizers. The program also features real-time pricing, customizable attributes, and an integration link to Trimble LiveCount. The program allows up to three users. If you’re considering using this software for your construction projects, consider a free demo.

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