The had always been a problem-solver, and he could count on this endeavor. It was difficult to restrain his complete delight when he witnessed clients implement his ideas. The sole impediment to his commercial objectives was the enormous obstacle.

The truth was that access to the services from the best Mobile App Development Company in California was simple, but they needed to be more functional. To remedy this, he invested time and resources into developing useful apps for his firm. Considering the current value of his company, it is safe to assume that his decision paid off.

Before reading this post, you should know that the best mobile app ideas stay in the sky. It requires many hours of pondering, but we have a shortcut for you. You will grasp the next major app solution by the conclusion.

Types of App Revenue Models

There are various app revenue models, and app developers might employ multiple of them within a single app to maximize revenue.

By incorporating in-app advertising into the app’s business model, the developer will be compensated for presenting adverts. To accomplish this, a developer must partner with an ad monetization platform and integrate their SDK (Software Development Kit), a piece of code that must be appropriately inserted into the app’s source code.

Typically, this is a straightforward process, as ad monetization businesses provide comprehensive documentation and support in the event of questions.

To generate substantial revenue from in-app advertising, the app must have many active users who regularly interact with the app. Before partnering with any advertising network, increasing the number of users would be prudent.

1. Fantasy app

The term “fantasy sports apps” refers to applications that enable users to play various online games. Using these applications, users can build fictitious or virtual sports teams comprised of actual athletes. These virtual teams compete based on the statistical performance of all real-world players.

2. Healthcare application

Digital technology has become pervasive in virtually every aspect of our lives. The proliferation of mobile healthcare apps on the market directly results from the advantages of healthcare mobile app development, which include monitoring one’s health and facilitating the work of medical professionals and doctors.

3. Alcohol delivery app

Liquor stores can use an alcohol delivery application as an eCommerce platform. This software allows users to browse a range of alcoholic beverages, including whiskey, vodka, beer, gin, and wine. After selecting the proper type and brand of alcoholic beverage, the buyer can swiftly schedule delivery. The store may either manage the delivery or contract a third-party delivery service.

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4. Stock Trading app

Using stock trading software, busy investors can monitor the performance of their portfolios. They readily agree to become paying application members in exchange for this ease. When it comes to the creation of stock trading applications, there is a great deal of potential for financial and social gain.

5. Travel app

The capacity to travel is among the advantages of globalization. As borders have widened and more people have access to travel, the popularity of travel apps has grown. The genre of travel apps can handle a variety of mobile app ideas. Some will be valuable not only to tourists but also to locals.

6. Powered By Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots

Chatbots facilitate interactions between businesses and their customers. They reply more quickly than humans, are never tired or frustrated, and are unaffected by weather or bad moods. Using machine learning, chatbots can learn to comprehend consumer preferences almost as well as human counselors. This can enhance the engagement between a user and a brand.

7. App For On-Demand Delivery

People now have access to many professional services and products via on-demand delivery apps available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Food, clothing, housekeepers, and dog walkers may all be obtained with a single click. In addition, the user penetration of on-demand delivery applications has reached 9.5%, and businesses are spending more on these applications. Isn’t it inspiring?

8. Cryptocurrency Exchange Applications

With so many backers and enthusiasts, blockchain applications are gaining in popularity. Even a traditional company that changes its business plan and name to capitalize on the blockchain frenzy experiences a boost in sales.

10. Blockchain-Based Applications

In recent years, blockchain usage has increased. It’s not just about cryptocurrency anymore. Blockchain is the greatest thing since sliced bread for the financial sector, smart contracts, and databases. Blockchain-based applications can be your ticket to success if you do business with banks, government organizations, or large corporations.

11. IoT Applications

Each year, an increasing number of household devices become internet-connected. The benefits are undeniable. Internet of Things-compatible home appliances

enhance the caliber of our lives (heat the house before we come home)

Please help us save money by turning off all unnecessary appliances while we are away.

Keep us and our belongings safe (send alerts from the intelligent security system if someone attempts to enter the home).

12. Education Applications

Covid-19 may be a sensitive subject, but it did provide important lessons. Regarding education, the pandemic demonstrated that it is possible to learn without actual classrooms. This circumstance led to the proliferation of online learning tools such as Google classroom.

13. Fitness Tracker Apps

What better method to capitalize on consumers’ fitness ambitions and vanity? The Internet is saturated with advertisements and advertising campaigns about fitness. However, these marketing methods need to pay more attention to the fact that there is limited time to exercise.

This limitation has left them with a mountain of unachieved objectives. You can intervene at this stage with an app that will motivate them to move further. Develop applications like Yoga Studio that enable at-home workouts.

14. Plumbing Apps

It is astounding how vital this service is. In reality, nobody thinks about plumbing until the pipes burst. When plumbers are difficult to access, leaking faucets and pipes can cause your home to flood.

The key to a good plumbing app is simple navigation and rapid response. Your software should be relatively easy, so the user may occasionally manage to plumb independently. The platform ought to have an efficient communication system. Apps such as EasyMeasure and Bubble Level provide a great roadmap to follow.


This finishes our list of trending app ideas that were popular in 2022 and will likely remain so. This list is not thorough; it is more of a guess. You will need market research and analysis to determine each idea’s viability.