Task Management Apps: If you’re looking for a task management app, you’ve come to the right place. There are a variety of options available to fit your needs. I’ve reviewed some of my favorites, including Todoist, RingCentral Video, ClickUp, SpiraPlan, and many more. To get you started, here’s a quick comparison of these top contenders:


If you’re looking for a new task management app, Todoist might be the right choice for you. The app provides a number of benefits for both personal and business users. It allows you to create and manage projects, set reminders for important dates, group and prioritize tasks, and store activity history. Currently, the app offers free plans for users that provide access to five projects and five collaborations– within each project. You can also label tasks based on their priority, and Todoist is cloud-based, meaning it will sync your tasks across all of your devices.

Todoist’s UI is extremely user-friendly, with categories on the left and a toolbar at the top. You can even use the app offline, which is a huge plus if you use it frequently. Todoist also offers reminders and a smart schedule feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest the ideal time to postpone a task. The app offers a free version, so you can try it out for yourself to see if it suits your needs.

One of the most powerful features of Todoist is its ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. The app allows you to assign tasks to other users and group them by priority. This is useful for organisations with multiple members who need to keep track of everyone’s tasks. For larger businesses, Todoist offers a paid Business plan and Pro plans. In the Pro plan, you can create up to 300 non-archived projects, upload up to 100 MB of files, and more. However, Todoist is not suitable for traditional box-ticking and calendar blocking.

RingCentral Video

If you are trying to organize your meetings and keep track of the time spent on them, you should check out RingCentral Video. This task management app combines audio and video calls to foster collaboration and teamwork. Unlike other collaboration tools, RingCentral Video allows you to schedule up to 50 breakout sessions. With the built-in video capabilities, you can also launch quick video meetings. The application also offers time tracking features, so you can keep an eye on the progress of your employees.

RingCentral Video task management app is free and has a user interface designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. You can use the app with a web browser or through your phone. If you need to invite other team members, you can enter their email addresses manually. If you don’t want to add contacts, you can skip this step. RingCentral has resources to help you get the most out of the app, including a YouTube channel.

Another feature is the whiteboard. RingCentral Video is missing an app for whiteboarding. However, it is coming to an open beta for members soon. It’s available in some versions of RingCentral Video, but it’s not yet integrated with the Mural app. Other video calling apps have their own built-in whiteboard. If you need a whiteboard, however, you can use a separate collaborative whiteboard app such as Mural.


ClickUp is a web-based task management tool that makes managing your projects simple. It has several views, including a box view where boxes represent tasks and assignees, a mind map view and a workload view. In all of these views, you can see changes made to project data and team documents. Its customizable forms allow you to collect and store data in a variety of ways. Users can also collaborate on projects with others and set up their own collaborative workspaces.

For teamwork, ClickUp is perfect for keeping track of all tasks, including the ones requiring collaboration. You can create subtasks within tasks and assign comments. In addition, you can create milestones within tasks, which stand out from other tasks. You can create reminders for upcoming deadlines, assign teammates to certain tasks, and set a due date for each one. You can also create custom automations with ClickUp so that repetitive actions are automatically done.

Another feature of ClickUp that is useful for teams is its customizable statuses. For example, a content team can set a status for article drafts while a dev team can use a custom status for checking and deploying code. Custom statuses let you set project-specific checkpoints. You can also set dependencies between tasks, enabling you to visualize the relationships between tasks. ClickUp also supports waterfall methodologies, which means that you can tie tasks together and visualize the flow of work.


SpiraPlan is an all-in-one task management app that integrates with over 60 popular tools. The fully mobile responsive system is available as a free download or as a cloud service. Users can customize incident fields, email templates, and workflows in SpiraPlan. It also allows users to attach documents to tasks. The app also offers a document management system that organizes and categorizes all documents.

SpiraPlan is an on-premise or cloud-based project portfolio management system from Inflectra. Its project management and bug tracking modules help you analyze and manage a portfolio. SpiraPlan provides centralized visibility and allows you to manage teams, plan and schedule work, and set priorities. You can also set and track tasks, prioritize them, and send short messages that you can then post to relevant artifacts.

SpiraPlan also helps users perform real agile software development. It addresses every aspect of software development and is useful for business and product owners. It integrates with multiple tools, making it easy to use and customize. It provides regular updates on task status and helps you forecast delivery dates. You can easily customize the app and manage all tasks and projects with a single platform. You can use SpiraPlan in the context of any agile methodology.

SpiraPlan is an excellent option for agile teams, allowing you to manage tasks and requirements right next to code. It is highly configurable and includes features to integrate with other Agile tools, including Scrum and Kanban. Those working with Scrum or Agile methodologies can also benefit from SpiraPlan’s powerful test management capabilities. Its capabilities make it an invaluable tool for test management and requirements tracking. And it offers excellent technical support.


Quire is a task management app that helps you manage your work with clarity and efficiency. This app helps you break down projects and challenges into smaller pieces and prioritize them, balancing team transparency and resources. It has features for managing projects, sublists, and assignments that increase your team’s sense task management apps of accomplishment. Using Quire is easy, but it’s not ideal for mobile users. The steep entrance to the app may make it difficult to use while on the go.

Quire is a powerful task management app that allows you to organize your tasks using a tree structure. Its flexible feature set allows you to assign different priority task management apps to each task, create multiple nested subtasks, and assign due dates. You can even add a tag to each task to indicate its urgency. Once you’ve created your tasks, you can use the nested structure to move them forward steadily. And, you can create as many tasks as you need to.

The branching feature makes Quire stand out from similar task management apps. Its centralized collaborative platform and smart tools make it a highly effective application in today’s complex environment. The resulting structure and ease of use have helped Quire win several awards from online software publications. This includes awards for best value, ease of use, and performance. With this kind of feature set, Quire is a top choice for project management software for small and medium-sized teams alike.


ProjectManager is an award-winning work management app that offers project planning, resource management, and time tracking features. It is the perfect project management tool that handles all of the processes in a user-friendly way. Even first-time users can easily use ProjectManager to complete basic tasks. It is easy to use and intuitive, allowing anyone to quickly and easily complete basic tasks. To learn more about ProjectManager, read on.

This award-winning project management software allows you to create projects, assign team members, and track progress. It supports spreadsheets, Microsoft Project plans, Excel, and CSV files, as well as Google Calendars and Jira. The software also offers Zapier integration, which lets you connect task management apps your tasks with other apps. This makes ProjectManager the perfect tool for teams with various work styles. It can also integrate with popular software like Slack and Jira.

Using a project management app is essential for managing projects, as it enables you to view the progress of multiple projects at once. It also allows you to view the timelines for multiple projects. The app can also integrate visualizations, like Gantt charts, so that you can easily report on the progress of multiple projects. If you are not sure whether ProjectManager is right for your needs, take the PMP practice test.