From SEO to social media, the world of digital transformation is heating up. Companies are striving to become more productive and effective at work while also staying connected at the same time. To do this, they’ve got to have a great page-verification system in place. That means having the right articles on your site, relevant information about your company, and good examples of customer experiences to guide your readers.  You can learn more about chrome extension for amazon

Having a user-friendly site that can be easily maintained and accessed from any device (phone or computer) makes keeping your Amazon pages looking good no easier than ever. All you need is a little software and some dedication. Here’s what you need to do if you want to keep your pages looking good on all devices and protect them against unintentional compromises.

Change your site’s URL scheme

The best way to keep your Amazon pages looking good on all devices is to change the site’s URL scheme. This means adding a unique redirect URL that will only redirect visitors to the right page if they go there manually. Many search engines prefer this approach, so it’s good to understand why and change the rule of thumb.

Make Use Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a really great way to keep an eye on what’s happening on the internet. It’s fully integrated with Google’s search engine optimization efforts and hosts a wide range of metrics you can use to monitor your progress both online and off. It’s especially helpful for online sellers since Google Analytics encourages continuous review of competitor keywords and products.

Don’t copy and paste!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to digital transformation is copying and pasting content from other websites. While you may have received permission to use certain links in your own articles, others may links to your page with a different URL. In many cases, this is a huge mistake. Google’s crawler tool will crawl your website and give you a report of what it sees. If Google Analytics finds any unusual links in your content, it will show you.

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to managing your digital transformation efforts is to start showing your work. This means showcasing your work in more than just the normal format you use for pasted content. Some people love to type long blog posts into their browser, and Google’s long-term storage feature may let you keep all those long-form posts visible to all your visitors.


On the surface, it might seem that digital transformation is a cakewalk. It’s true that you need to invest in the right tools, learn the ins and outs of SEO, and implement a content management system. But once you’ve got these three elements in place, the rest is pretty easy. Your website should look good on any screen, you should be able to access your content from virtually any device, and you should be able to protect your content from any unintentional mistakes. 

Now, it’s over to you to make sure that all of these baby steps are taken. The transformation of your website must be as seamless as possible. If you make a mistake while navigating the website, you must immediately report it to Google. Your site must look great on all devices, and you must be able to protect your content from any unintentional compromises.