If you have made a plan for tourism in winter Saudi Arabia, you should not waste this opportunity. In comparison to other seasons, winter is the best and most blessing season for tourism. It is the peak season for Umrah. You must book your Umrah Package earlier because in the last few days’ bookings are mostly full

. The start of this season break is almost here. Most people only associate this country with its deserts, but very few are aware of its snow places. If you are planning now or going for a visit then you should consider this article “Places to visit in Saudi Arabia during winter”. This whole description will be very helpful for your tour. It will also be beneficial for those who are living there for business purposes.

Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It is also a famous country because of its Holy cities, Makkah and Medina. It has a wide variety of landscapes, from the sea to the desert, and the mountains to busy cities. The kingdom has so many incredible places to see that you won’t have enough time to see them all.

Some winter destinations in Saudi Arabia that you can visit

Some of the best areas for travellers to experience the best of winter tourism are found in Saudi Arabia. Even though that snow is typically thought to be uncommon in the kingdom, some cities frequently transform into cold wonderlands. Here are some places in the country mentioned below that you can visit in the cold season:

Abha Snowfall

Abha is located in the beautiful mountains of the Aseer region of Saudi Arabia. It is in the southwestern of the country and the capital of the Aseer region. Even though snowfall in Abha is not common, it is always a sight to behold. Abha is a famous place of attraction for tourists. Snowfall in Abha transforms the city’s appearance and attracts tourists. Abha has many different places to visit like: Aseer regional museum, Al-Muftaha museum, Shada Palace, Jabal Al-Akhdar (Green Mountain), Shamasan fort, etc. In Abha, the average maximum temperature during the winter is 21°C, while the minimum is 12°C.

Tabuk Mountains

The majestic city of Tabuk is situated in the northwestern of the Kingdom, making it relatively nearer to the Jordanian-Saudi Arabian border. Tabuk experiences a light snowfall every year in December because of its proximity to the Jabal al-Lawz mountain range. It has several palaces, forts, and archaeological sites. Visitors come to the city to see these snow-covered peaks that provide an amazing white sight.

In Tabuk, the winter months begin at the end of November and last until the middle of February. During this period, its minimum temperature counted is between 3°C to 10°C. You should in include this in your visit plan to Saudi Arabia in winter vacations. You can also visit the other nearby mountaintops, such as Jabal Al-Thahir and Jabal Alkan to get an amazing view of snow blankets.

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Arar Snowfall

The Arar region serves as the provincial capital of Saudi Arabia’s Northern Borders Province. It is very close to the Iraq border. Arar is one of the well-known places because of its fertile pasturelands. You can experience snowfall here and include it in your plan list. Snowfall typically occurs in Arar every two to three years. Even though the temperature rarely drops below zero, the sand occasionally develops a thin layer of snow during the winter. You can arrange your trip to this beautiful city for enjoying cold weather.

The Holy places

It is one of the best trips to spend your money on. Saudi Arabia is a strictly Muslim country. It has many Islamic historical places e.g., the Holy Kaaba, Masjid Al-Nabwi in Medina, Great Mosque of Makkah, Al Rahma Mosque, Station of Ibrahim, Masjid Ayesha, etc.

You can also visit Saudi Arabia in winter by booking your Umrah Package from an authentic company. Even now, most packages contain ziyarats in many Islamic places. On this tour, you can visit a lot of places and enjoy the winter.   

Shaqra Place

The city of Shaqra is situated to the northwest of Riyadh (the capital of Saudi Arabia). Shaqra has located 190 km from Riyadh. Tourists can visit many places to enjoy snowfall in a city setting. It offers a lovely combination of both new and old structures. The city also has undiscovered tourist attractions, such as heritage villages.

Although it is not the centre for outdoor activities, taking a stroll along the city streets covered with white snow makes you feel better.


Diriyah is a Saudi Arabian town that is situated northwest of Riyadh. If you are on a family trip, Diriyah’s Al-Bujairi park is a lovely place to visit in winter. It is the most liked frost pastime and is close to the historic ruins of Diriyah. It contains many entries and cafés around the park where families can enjoy a day out. You can also visit different places here: Salwa Palace, Sa’d bin Sa’ud Palace, Qasr al-Uja, the museum of Bygone days, etc.

Thumama Desert    

Al-Thumama is a dry lowland desert region close to the Al-Armah Mountains. It is in the northeast of Riyadh. This desert is a very wonderful location for some sand-based fun in the cooler months of the winter. On this desert adventure, you can do quad-biking, horseback riding, camel riding and some other activities. You can also hike in the desert sand. One can visit this place easily for tourism to enjoy the winter.

Turaif Snowfall

Turaif is one of the most visited places in Saudi Arabia on freezing days. It is a city which is close to Jordan in the northern border province. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the Arabic region was in Turaif. In the frost weather, a lot of tourists visit the city to take in the natural beauty of the area.

You can experience winter tourism and activities in Turaif by visiting a variety of historical heritage villages and snow fields. The lowest temperature during winter is lie between 3°C to 4°C. Turaif is considered an ideal place in cold days for tourism. You can visit this easy-to-enjoy cool day.

Wear appropriate winter clothing

In some areas, the temperature can get too low. Therefore, you must carry proper winter clothes, such as long-sleeve tops, sweaters, coats, mittens, earmuffs, warm socks, etc. These can make the cold weather bearable so that you can explore your desired destinations.

Stay hydrated during your visit

Hydration is the most important thing when it comes to travelling. Your body will need a sufficient amount of water, especially during the winter. Make sure to consume enough water on your tour or visit, it will keep you hydrated. Don’t forget to pack the essentials: lip balms, petroleum jelly, and other hydrated products.  


To sum up, Saudi Arabia has many different places to visit in winter. Even you can experience snowfall as mentioned in the above places. However, the country has a desert climate, which means it is very hot, but it falls in coolness during the winter months. One can enjoy the trip in this Islamic country, and you will have an amazing experience after the visit. You can also visit the country by booking your tourists’ Umrah packages through any ATOL-protected company.