One of the first steps to introducing your brand to other people not in your nation but also international, having a business website is the most essential one. So what is the best website builder for businesses, especially for small companies? Our topic today will give you some website builders which are easy to use without coding skills.

Advantages Of Building A Website For Small Business

According to many reports recently, there has been an increase in visitors to small businesses coming from online sources. Even if customers intend to visit the real place, most of them are aware of the brand online before. Therefore, creating a website is the most important for a brand’s awareness.

Websites that are mobile-friendly help businesses gain more clients. Though your business has operated a physical store, it is still a good idea to have a website and app because more and more people are choosing to shop online.

The drag-and-drop capability found in the majority of website builders makes constructing a website incredibly simple. If you have no design or coding skills, design templates are also available in many business website builders. These templates were expertly created, and with a few tweaks and additions so using these templates for your website will not cost you much time to lunch and control.

Top 7 Small Business Website Builders In 2022

1. GoDaddy

The GoDaddy website builder doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use. After a few questions about your brand’s website, GoDaddy will recommend the best option to choose which is easy to customize. Alternately, a simple template to begin might be an ideal choice using the drag-and-drop editor. Although GoDaddy doesn’t provide as many design possibilities as some of its rivals such as Network Solution, the designs are neat and polished.

GoDaddy also features full services for small businesses such as Domains, SSL Security, Websites, WordPress, Web Hosting, Online stores, Website Design Services, etc. It is an ideal platform for businesses with more various functionalities than just website creation. Follow the Godaddy Network Solutions comparison to know the premium features of Godaddy.

Features: For just $14.99 a month, you can sign up for Godaddy. Godaddy will help you create your own website through artificial design intelligence including stock photos related to the theme of your website.

Who Should Use It: GoDaddy offers services designed especially for online stores and small companies.

2. Wix

Wix is so famous for its editable designer templates with many free services. It is capable of being used for a blog, store, business, etc., and provides all the tools and functionalities needed for developing, building, and administering websites. A drag-and-drop website builder is available on Wix which allows business owners to build a website at ease within a few clicks.

Its various price options include those for professional websites and personalized solutions. Wix also provides free functions to extend your site navigation. For a premium plan, you will receive SEO and analytics tools or even more offers if you choose e-commerce plans.

Features: Various types of websites to choose from including a blog, online store, and booking website. Free website templates are up to 500 which are easy to customize.

Who Should Use It: Wix is a great start for small business owners who have a tight budget for design. Though the price is high for an e-commerce plan, it is worthy to try.

3. Shopify

Shopify is mostly used to create e-commerce websites. With a paid package, you can launch your first store at ease with professional website templates and marketing tools. There are about 9 free templates available to use, but with some extra cost of approximately $100, you can access plenty of premium templates.

It is a little bit difficult to control the drag-and-drop editor but Shopify makes it more simple to use and build with point-and-click navigation. It will take you a while to understand how to expert Shopify tools but we believe you can start your website within a few minutes.

Features: The $9/month Shopify Lite plan offers the ability to add a buy button to your existing website, a Tumblr blog, or a mobile point-of-sale app for use offline.

Who Should Use It: Shopify is best suited for serious small enterprises engaged in online commerce. Not just websites but also online stores may be built using it. For brick-and-mortar businesses who wish to offer merchandise online as well, it is the perfect answer.

4. HostGator

Another business website builder on our list is HostGator. Are you trying to find a very straightforward website builder? Gator is the solution. It offers every essential component a small business will require. The editor is easy to use on its own. You can drag an element to any location on the page using the genuine drag-and-drop editor, which is user-friendly.

HostGator already has SEO marketing tools and email marketing solutions for small business owners. Even with its paid plan, HostGator is among low price business website builders.

Features: Many HostGator templates are free to use with a detailed tutorial. No need to contact the support team when you can do it on your own.

Who Should Use It: HostGator is suggested for small projects and blogs. A simple business website is also recommended but if you need to pay additional for professional businesses.

5. Weebly

Weebly is rated as the best for value for money. It provides affordability, adaptability, and simplicity for small businesses. For those who have a low budget for building a website, Also, it free plan and incredibly low-cost premium options are welcome.

Even if you want to pay for an additional function, which allows you to purchase it later. Additionally, Weebly offers you hundreds of fashionable theme designs that are mobile-responsive as a starting point. Create elements, and add more texts and buttons to customize your site today!

Features: Easy to switch themes when you do not like your created one. The prices are more reasonable than other rivals.

Who Should Use It: Weebly is a fantastic option for bloggers, artists, and online merchants, especially for beginners. Its simple site editor is easy to master, and the included themes guarantee that your site will seem professionally made.

6. WordPress

The most common business website builder in the market recently is WordPress which might be so familiar to small businesses. Its excellent Content Management System (CMS) and easy-to-use website builder make WordPress the best choice bringing flexibility and freedom to business owners.

It’s crucial to be aware that you must purchase separate web hosting if you decide to utilize WordPress to build a website. Many free WordPress themes are offered, in addition to a large number of commercial themes right after you have web hosting.

Features: WordPress is the best for customizing your own website but might require coding skills to design your own website as you wish.

Who Should Use It: Small business that has its own IT department to add more elements and animations to the website.

7. Duda

Duda deserves a spot on this list of the top website builders due to its feature-rich platform and flexibility. With low code and no-code support, you can have a simple website including all basic needs for sales stores or e-commerce. Duda’s free services also have SEO, content management, and functionalities.

Like the majority of site builders for small businesses, Duda has no storage or bandwidth restrictions. The editor’s drag-and-drop capabilities make it simple to use. A handful of the pieces have advanced functionality, but most are simple. You can edit with website features and mobile responsiveness on more than 100 pre-built templates.

Features: Easy to add specific content and run your own design through the Duda platform.

Who Should Use It: Duda is a good fit for freelancers, small agencies, and website designers. 


Consider creating a small company website yourself. After going over the benefits and drawbacks of these carefully chosen website builders, we think you are well-equipped to select which business website builder is the best for your business. Though the initial investment for building a website might cost you a huge even on maintenance, will help you experience all online services at a fraction of the prices.