If you’re looking for a “fold and wash” laundry service, you’re probably trying to find a way to get rid of the task of dry cleaning permanently. Or maybe you hate taking your clothes to the laundromat. No matter what, a professional fold and wash service is a great way to get your everyday laundry done. How do you find the best one in your city? Here are some things to think about as you start looking for a good laundry service company.

1. Time to Turn Around:

If you use a fold and wash laundry service for your regular clothes, you probably want them back pretty quickly. It’s not like dry cleaning a dress or suit for a few special occasions a year. It’s the important stuff, like underwear and socks. Before you choose a laundry service, ensure that the turn-around time works with your schedule and how often you wash your clothes. If you don’t have enough t-shirts, it’s probably best not to choose a service that will finish your clothes in five days.

2. Charges:

Most laundry long beach services that fold and wash your clothes charge by the pound. Prices can range from a dollar per pound to well over a few dollars per pound, so ensure you know what each place you’re looking into charges per pound. Some dry cleaners offer fold and wash services on top of their regular dry cleaning services, but they usually charge more because they send the work to a nearby laundromat. It’s nice to be able to get both of your laundry needs met at the same place. If you want a place that can do both, find out or choose a service like Press.

3. Policy on damage and loss:

If you lose a sock, it’s not as bad as if you lost your favorite expensive shirt, but you should still ensure you can get a new one. Find a laundry delivery in Long Beach that has a policy for broken or lost items. It gives you peace of mind and can help if something gets lost during service.

4. Consistency:

When you dry and wash your clothes at home, they usually smell and feel the same. Why shouldn’t you expect the same from your laundry service or local laundromat? Checking online reviews on Nextdoor, Google, and Yelp is a great way to see how consistent a place is. Reviews are a great way to find out more about service and decide if you should keep looking into it or not. Look for information about how the clean clothes smell and how well they are folded.

5. Options for pick-up and delivery:

If you pay someone else to do your laundry, it’s likely because you want them to spend their time doing something else. We don’t blame you since the average American spends up to 8 hours a month doing laundry-related things. Some businesses, like Press, offer both laundry pickup and delivery services in Long Beach. In fact, Press picks up and drops off all orders for free, so you can do what you want while we take care of your laundry and dry cleaning. Check to see if they have a set time for pick-up and drop-off. Some companies only run routes twice a week, so if you want more flexibility, it’s best to find a delivery service that you can call whenever you want.

6. Detergents and Special Needs:

If you need a detergent that won’t bother your allergies, make sure to ask the laundry or dry cleaner if they have different detergents. You don’t want to have an allergic reaction to a freshly cleaned load of clothes, so check out their website or ask someone there how they can meet your needs. 

These are simple tips by which you can choose a reliable laundry service company.