Looking for some indoor plants that enhance the decor and overall attire of the space? Plant delivery in Melbourne is an easy and convenient option if you want to purchase indoor plants. Calathea is a good choice since its leaves have vibrant colours that make them very eye-catching. Additionally, due to its colourful stripes, it is also called the zebra plant, peacock plant, or rattlesnake plant. These plants are resistant to cold weather conditions. Therefore, there are a few care tips that you might need to follow for proper growth and care. Have a look at these points.

What are the tips for proper growth and care?

You can consider the calathea as a greenhouse plant because it couldn’t survive under chilly weather conditions. They grow best when kept under warm conditions. They are ideal indoor plants as they only grow around 2 feet tall and wide, therefore, doesn’t require too much space in the home.


    S.No.            Factor                  Role
        1.            LightIt prefers filtered light or shade instead of constant harsh rays of direct sunlight. So keep the plant out of direct sun contact, as burning of the leaves can happen and cause their vibrant patterns to fade and vanish.When growing the plant indoors, indirect sunlight rays from an east-, south-, or west-facing window should be sufficient. It is also a great idea to rotate the plant throughout the day for even absorbance of light by leaves.You might notice that the leaves of calathea fold up at night and open wider in the morning.
      2.            SoilIt prefers loam or humus soil that’s rich in organic matter content. A slightly acidic to neutral soil pH is best for the ideal growth of the plant.For potted plants, a mixture that is lightweight and airy works great for proper growth.
      3.          WaterWatering the plants regularly can help in maintaining the consistently moist soil but over-watering can also cause root rot in the plant.Try to water it when the soil becomes a little bit dry.
      4.  Temperature &          HumidityThe ideal temperature condition for calathea is from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. A drop down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit is acceptable, but anything below that is not.Calathea plants also prefer humidity levels of 50% or higher. A humidifier can be placed nearby your plant to increase humidity indoors. 
      5.      FertiliserTreat the plant once a month with a liquid balanced fertiliser, to strengthen the plant root. The best time to plant the Calathea is in the spring season and the least will be the winter as it can’t tolerate excess cold conditions.

These are the top 5 factors that impact the growth of the plant. Follow these tips and points for the ideal growth of your calathea plant.

What are the common Pests and their remedies?

Calathea plants are vulnerable to fungus gnats since they like a damp climate (which is where they thrive). They are often harmless to plants and are easily eliminated with neem oil. Aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, and scale are some more typical pests. Several applications of horticultural oil or insecticidal soap can be used to cure many of these problems. These are some of the common pests that can be observed in your plant. Don’t worry, the remedies are discussed already along with the problem.


No need to give too much attention to the calathea, if the ideal conditions are followed properly. Plus, you can easily order the plant from the convenient option i.e, plant delivery in Melbourne. Additionally, there are a few other types of varieties also available, so you can choose any one which you like the most.