Moving with kids is hard, but you can make it easier by planning and following some simple steps to help the transition go smoothly. There’s no one right way to go about doing this, but there are things you can do that will make your long-distance move easy and ensure your family feels as comfortable as possible in their new home.

The first thing you have to do is hire a professional Long distance moving company in San Francisco. After that, you may follow the tips mentioned below to move with kids in peace.

Get everyone on board.

The most important part of the moving process is getting everyone on board. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Get your kids involved in the relocation early and often, whether with packing boxes or decorating their new room. Even going over your plan can help you move out at ease.
  • Reward your children with fun activities like trips to the zoo or amusement parks once they’re settled into their new home. These rewards will show them how fun it is for everyone when they get along and will make this transition much more accessible.
  • Use children’s books and TV shows that involve families who relocate to start conversations about what you’ll be doing soon.

Preparing the kids ahead of time

Kids might be hard to handle under the best circumstances, but imagine how challenging it can be if they don’t know what’s happening. Children get touchy even in minor things. The best way to prepare them is to get pictures from home that include your children, their friends, and the house or apartment where they live now. This will help them understand that these people and places are still in their lives even though they won’t be able to see them every day.

How much should they pack?

If you’re going from one side of the country to the other, plan on packing two trunks of clothes and linens for every family member. If you’re going across town, plan on packing a single bin for every family member.

Remember that small children can only carry so much at once, so be prepared to help them pack. If you find this tricky, you can get help from a professional long distance moving company in San Francisco. They will do the work for you, regardless of packing or unpacking. 

Label the Boxes

Label all boxes, bins, and suitcases before the move. This is an essential step as it helps you know what’s inside every box and allows movers to identify which room each box should go in.

There are many ways to label them: address labels, marker pens, stickers, or masking tape. Just make sure they are visible outside the container to identify them. Don’t forget your toiletries! Get your children involved in marking and making drawings on the boxes so that they can also contribute their part in the moving.

Keep them busy during the move

  • Pack some of your kids’ favorite toys and books in a suitcase or box so they can enjoy them on the way.
  • Download their favorite music or movies onto a tablet or their favorite device
  • Take plenty of pictures to share the experience in person once you get there.
  • Draw out floor plans of where you’re going so your kids know where they’ll be sleeping each night.

Find out what their schools will be like.

It’s also essential to figure out if your children will be transferring schools with the same grade/class or they have to repeat the grade/class they are currently in. Finding this information in advance will make it easier for you and the kids looking for houses. You’ll need to visit their schools (on visits, not for an interview) and ask about their curriculum, discipline policies, teaching methods, and extracurricular available. If possible, stop by in the morning and watch one of their class sessions.

Last-minute tips and suggestions

  • Pack and organize your kid’s room first, taking advantage of that as an activity while packing everything else. This is also an excellent time to do laundry and wash sheets, blankets, and towels.
  • Include a few unique toys from home in each box labeled a little something extra, even if it’s just the blanket your child currently has for naps at daycare.
  • Tuck small photos of family members inside clear zip lock bags or envelopes so your child can find them easily when opening their belongings for the first time at their new house (or whenever they get homesick).


Moving is always stressful, but moving long distances with kids can be downright terrifying. We tend to think of parenting as an inherently face-to-face endeavor. But this isn’t always the case regarding long-distance moves for families.

However, with professional companies like Brother Movers and some workarounds, you can ensure that your little ones are connected and happy with the move. All you need is a professional long distance moving company in San Francisco to assist you.