Twitter is one of the most widely utilized social networking sites all over the world. 

 The majority of Twitter users look to the platform to find out what’s currently popular in the world of news, tweets, videos, photos, and other forms of content sharing. People find interesting or educational videos they want to keep.. Nevertheless, Twitter does not allow users to directly download video postings or other types of tweets. 

 It’s certain that you’ll come across some videos on Twitter that you’ll want to save on your smartphone forever. Downloading videos from Twitter requires a tool that can do it reliably. 

Is It Possible to Save Videos from Twitter on an iPhone? 

 It’s not possible to transfer videos from Twitter to your iPhone or any other mobile device. Twitter may only be download in the form of photos. But there are third-party apps that allow iPhone owners to save videos from Twitter. 

 For many people, this is also a matter of personal privacy. The act of someone else watching your home movies on their phone may feel intrusive. It doesn’t matter what motivates it, very few social networking apps really let you save or download other people’s photos or videos on your device. 

 Yet, Twitter video downloaders for iPhone can come in handy when you need to save a video for later use, whether that’s for work or to show off to the folks back home. 

Here are a few of the easiest methods for downloading Twitter videos to your iOS Mobile phones. 

How to download twitter videos on your iOS mobile phone? 

  • Open official app of Twitter on your device or you can visit twitter official website and find the video post that you want to download. 
  • Give a long hold tap on the video then select copy video address or tap on the share button and Copy Link option. 
  • Go to your safari browser and search
  • Paste the copied video address in the input box of downloader and tap on the download button. 
  • A twitter video will appear along with video resolutions and Download buttons. 
  • You can play the video before downloading. 
  • Tap on the Download button in the quality you want to download then the video will be downloaded. 
  • Open Downloads option from safari to open the video. 
  • Select the video then tap share button. 
  • Select Save Video and the video will be saved in the Photos app. 

Twitter Video Download is a service that allows you to easily download videos from Twitter. It’s simple design makes it ideal for anyone who needs to download videos or GIFs from Twitter. You may use it as a twitter GIF downloader, therefore saving GIFs from the service is possible. 

 It’s accessible through mobile phones, desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets, all of which may run different operating systems. 

Summary of this Article 

Follow the above steps to store videos from Twitter on various platforms such iOS mobile devices, and computers, and compile a library of your favorite videos and GIFs from Twitter. Twitter video download allows you to watch your favorite tweets anytime you choose. 

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