There is nothing quite like travelling by RV on a freeway, with the freedom and excitement of getting away from the madding crowd. The feeling that the entire country is your playground and that everything is possible. 

That is, until there’s a problem with your RV. Then it may be time to call an RV mechanic, whether you need a basic check-up or have a more urgent issue that must be fixed. We all value a professional RV mechanic, especially when a part of our mobile home breaks or malfunctions and we are unfamiliar with the components. However, finding a reliable RVs mechanic is more complicated than picking a standard auto repair service.

Some of the minor work can possibly be done by yourself if you are comfortable with the repair. However, we recommend doing that only if you know the repair well, and you also know that doing it yourself will not void your warranty. The majority of us would need to find a service centre even for the most basic repairs. 

Here we have tried to simplify the process of selecting your next RVs mechanic:

  1. Check online

Do not take the quality of work for granted. Look out online for good repair shops near you. Check the reviews given by the locals for the “best RV repair shop near me”. It does not matter if the repair shop is a small shop or a big dealership. All you need in most cases is quality service and repairs and delivery in a decent time frame. 

  1. Check their experience

RVs are a different kettle of fish when compared to cars. Having a lot of experience with cars does not automatically qualify them to work on caravan repairs. Never let anyone without RV experience handle major caravan repairs. A qualified RVs mechanic might initially cost more, but you will not regret it. Having an inexperienced mechanic work on your RVs will cost you more in the long run.

  1. Check if they have all the equipment

An experienced caravan repair mechanic will have all the tools of the trade with them. RVs can be huge and require specialised machines to maintain and keep them in good condition. 

  1. Check for warranty

Repairing an RVs is expensive when compared to regular cars. A good RVs service centre will back its service with a warranty or When you buy a new caravan or RVs, you get a service warranty. When they give a guarantee, you can be assured that they have faith in their work and that the chances of issues are minimised.

  1. Certification and licence

Check if the RV service shop is certified before you commit. There are multiple certifications that they can get, which show that they are up to date and know how to fix the different issues brought to them. The better RV service mechanics take the extra effort to get approved.

  1. The RV Community recommendations

If you urgently need to repair an RV, there is another way you can get to know good RV mechanics. The RV community is one of the friendliest communities around. The RV owners are willing to share their experience and point out the best RV mechanic around to any RV owner in a tight spot and needing urgent repairs.

We recommend having a good RV service mechanic or shop already identified if you are an RV owner or getting one soon. The peace of mind that having an excellent qualified mechanic for servicing or repairing your home away from home will be tough to beat.