With the increasingly common application of fingerprint locks to life, there are various fingerprint locks on the market. So how to choose a suitable fingerprint door lock? In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it is a big brand or not. It is easy to use, the quality is guaranteed, and the timely high price is acceptable.

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of intelligent home products, the living environment around us has also undergone great changes. Fingerprint locks are widely accepted by many users due to their safety and convenience features, and more and more homes are installing smart locks. Whether it is a new user or a user who intends to use it, they all hope to have a smart lock with reliable quality and high cost performance, so how to choose a home fingerprint lock?

1. Is there a function of locking the door when we close the door?

 When we close the door, we often forget to put the lock, especially the elderly or children, who will forget to lock the door when opening and closing, which will leave the hidden danger of theft. When choosing a fingerprint lock, it is necessary to know whether the fingerprint lock has the function of closing the door and locking it, so as to avoid this security trouble and use it more assuredly.

2. Is there any ANSI certification in the case of Wang Qiao? 

The fingerprint lock was really introduced into China from the United States in 2005. Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.Co Therefore, the general quality and reliable fingerprint locks must pass the highest quality level in the United States – ANSI certification.

3. Is there a perfect after-sale service? 

There are many fingerprint locks on the market, and there are also many businesses on the Internet. The single after-sale problem cannot be guaranteed. When buying a fingerprint lock, be sure to understand the after-sales problems of the merchant and whether there is a physical store. It is best to have a 24-hour national free service hotline use Samsung Discount Code NHS

4. Is there a U-shaped free handle on the market?

 Many fingerprint locks do not have the function of a U-shaped free handle. Because the fingerprint lock product has the function of a U-shaped free handle, it can protect vulnerable groups (such as the elderly and children) from accidental injury when using it, which shows that the fingerprint lock brand is ingenious in design. In addition, the U-shaped free handle can resist violent injection and prevent misoperation.

5. Simple installation

It should be suitable for most of the domestic anti-theft doors (in line with the 2008 version of the national standard for anti-theft doors), and the amount of modification is small. A good fingerprint lock installation time should not be higher than 30 minutes. Otherwise, Anything But a Backpack Day it is generally difficult for users to complete the installation and maintenance by themselves. Well-designed for versatility, it can also effectively reduce dealer inventory. For direct users, choose a lock with good versatility, which can be easily solved after sales in the future, and any mechanical lock or the original lock can be installed back.

6. The operation is simple and easy to understand

Adding, deleting and other operations should be very simple, and users do not need to memorize too many passwords and codes. The high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with a video display system, which is more convenient for users to operate.

7 Tips to choose a fingerprint lock?


  1. The appearance panel material is used as a home security door lock, which not only protects the family property, but also allows the family to use it with confidence. The role of material in it is very important. The fingerprint lock with excellent performance integrates modern mechanical technology and leading biometric fingerprint identification technology.

  2. The brand is very important. Well-known and professional lock manufacturers have guaranteed product quality, and the safety level of the lock cylinder has reached or exceeded the prescribed B-level standard, and most of them can reach the super B-level. Quality determines its safety. Amazon Promo Code

  3. Dry battery is generally used as the power supply for long battery life. It is very important to understand the static power consumption of the induction door lock. Normally, four batteries can be used continuously for about a year. Some brands replace the battery within a month. Frequent battery replacement will cause serious problems. Affect. Show now with AO discount code and AO discount code NHS , AO NHS discount, AO promo code NHS, Ao coupon code 10 Off, AO NHS discount code at AO Voucher Code NHS