An eBay gift card may seem like it’s only good on eBay, but if you have an account with Nigerian Naira and want to convert your gift card to Naira currency, there are plenty of ways to do so. How much an eBay gift card is worth in Naira depends on which platform you choose, what type of currency exchange you want to use and how many gift cards you have to exchange. If you’re not sure how to figure out how much an eBay gift card is worth in Nigerian Naira, here’s how to go about it.

The Value Of A $50 eBay Gift Card In Naira

If you have an eBay gift card or an Amazon gift card, you’ve probably wanted to know how much it’s worth in Nigerian Naira (NGN). Now you can easily find out, with the help of GC Buying currency exchange calculator for accurate gift card to Naira conversion. Enter the value of the card, and it will tell you how much money it has in NGN. It means that if you have $50 on your eBay gift card, and the conversion rate is 1 USD = 245 NGN, then your eBay gift card is worth 12,250 NGN in Nigeria.

What Is An eBay Gift Card And What Can It Be Used For?

An eBay gift card can be used for purchases on the site. It’s a great gift for those who enjoy shopping, but don’t know what to buy for that someone special. You can purchase them as a present or give them as a reward for good behavior. If you’re interested in buying one, they’re available on eBay at select retailers. The value of the card will depend on how much it costs to get one from these retailers and convert it into Nigeria currency (Naira). 

Where To Sell An eBay Gift Card In Nigeria

Sell An eBay Gift Card In Nigeria at GC Buying, which will give you the most for your gift card balance. A $50 eBay gift card converted to Naira is worth about ₦12250. It’s not exactly as easy as selling on eBay but with just simple steps and only two minutes of time, it’s a pretty good deal! 

If you convert a gift card to Naira at GC Buying Rate Calculator, you will get the exact amount of money you will get. GC Buying has been trusted by thousands of customers for safe and secure deal. You will get the money into your Naira bank account right after a successful deal. 

You can not only sell eBay gift cards, but other gift cards including Sephora, Amazon, Saks Fifth, Vanilla, Walmart, Nordstrom, Apple Store, iTunes, JCPenny, Google Play, Steam Wallet, and more! Converting any gift card to Naira has never been easy but GC Buying has made it possible. You can easily sign up account on this website. Or you can trade eBay and other gifts cards through WhatsApp easily.