Blue Design’s Murphy Beds are perfect space savers, whether they’re used in commercial settings such as hospital rooms or dormitories or at home in the living room, den, or any other unused space in your home. The best part about Blame’s Murphy Beds is that they’re easily customizable to fit into any room of your house! No matter what height the ceiling is, you can get the extra headroom you need thanks to Bloom’s innovative Vertical Murphy Beds.

Cost of a blue design murphy bed?

A Murphy Bed, or wall bed, saves space in your bedroom by folding up and sliding into the wall. They are perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice closet or other bedroom furniture for use as storage. The only downside is that Murphy Bed require taller ceilings. But if you do have a soaring enough ceiling, then Murphy Beds can be great space savers!

Installing Under 7-Foot Ceiling Height

If you have a ceiling height under 7 feet, there are some considerations you should make before installing a Blume Vertical Murphy Bed. First, when looking at the installation instructions and diagram, it is recommended that the upper mattress be around 4-6 inches from the ceiling to allow enough room for your head to get through. Second, check your local building codes. If you live in an area where building codes require overhead protection like a beam or joist running across the top of the bedroom, installation may not be possible.

Installing Over 8 Foot Ceiling Height

The average height for a ceiling is 8 feet. The standard width is 24 inches. In order to calculate the number of boards you will need, multiply the number of commissions by the width, and then divide that number by 2 (2×24=48/2=24). You will need 48 2×4 boards.

Do I Need to Remove My Existing Ceiling Fan?

Having a ceiling fan in your room is always a great way to stay calm and save some energy. However, if you’re installing a Murphy Bed, you should consider a few things before installing the fan. The first thing to keep in mind is how much clearance is needed above the bed when the unit folds down. For example, if your ceiling height is 8 feet and your Murphy Bed requires 3 feet of clearance from the bottom surface to fold down, then you will need to remove any ceiling fans that are installed higher than 10 feet from the floor.  You’ll also want to make sure that there’s enough space between the fan blades and the headboard so as not to pose an injury hazard while sitting up in bed.

The Final Steps

To make sure that your new Murphy Bed will be up to code, you need to check your local building codes. Although there are no specific codes in many areas, there are some general rules and guidelines to follow. First, the clearance between the floor and the bottom panel should be at least 6 inches. This will provide enough space so that a person won’t hit their head on the panel when trying to get up from a chair or sofa. Second, if you have an old wooden floor, you’ll need some carpeting between it and the bed so as not to harm it with moisture coming from your feet.