Today a good percentage of customers are hitting the internet for their auto purchases. All potential car buyers are not inclined to speak with sellers face-to-face at a dealership. This trend is expected to continue for some time in the automotive industry. 

Lead generation is locating and concentrating on prospective new clients, also referred to as leads, to foster their interest in what your company has to offer. How do you get these customers interested in buying from you? When a customer visits your website to check on the cars of their choice or the available cars, it is only natural that they have questions. What should you do if your potential customers have questions that neither the FAQs nor the product information pages can answer?

This is where live chat agents can assist companies. They can have direct, ongoing conversations with the prospects, generating more leads and increasing revenue. Live chat can transform your website into a full-fledged lead production machine. A vehicle dealership’s primary source of energy for sales is good leads. Though some dealers benefit from a great location or huge inventory, all cannot be so lucky. That is when the importance of the dealer website and live chat comes into play for generating leads. Many dealers rely on their ability to generate leads to create opportunities to sell more automobiles. 

Online car sales marketers always mention how “connecting with people” will increase website conversion rates. It means “if you talk to people, you will sell more” in marketing jargon. What more direct method of communication with website visitors than live chat software?

How can live chat benefit your dealership?

You’ll sell more automobiles and get more sales leads with live chat support on your website. How you use live chat is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. Livechat can even help you create and nurture your leads by allowing you to reach out to clients by sending them targeted messages. Here are some strategies for maximising the benefits of live chat for your online business:

Live Chat is Fast

Because of its quick reaction times, livechat is one of the most popular channels for responding to customer queries. Responding swiftly is one of the fundamental aspects of good customer service. Repeat customers and more sales result from providing quick and efficient customer service.

24 Hour Live Chat

Your customers need not be restricted by the dealer’s office hours. They can get in touch through live chat anytime, day or night, to clarify their queries or set up a test drive. Live chat support usually is 24/7, 365 days a year, when you get a fully managed live chat service provider.

Fully-Managed Chat

The benefit of a fully-managed live chat service cannot be emphasised enough. Having genuine human support for your website, visitors will not only help them get their problems addressed faster but will also give them the human touch leading to better bonding. The chat agents, too, will benefit by being able to grab sales opportunities from the chat conversations just like a salesperson would while talking to an offline customer store.

Well-trained agents backed by technology

The technology that the chat software brings can help you use targeting to capture warm leads, gain traffic insights to know more about your visitors, etc. Livechat also enables you to create and nurture your leads by assisting you in reaching out to clients by gathering information about them and sending them targeted messages. The chat agents on your website will be well trained, with good knowledge about your inventory and the services you offer.

Multi-Channel Chat Support

Live chat support can be on multiple channels; you can get chat support on your website and social media pages. Allowing for lead generation across channels.

Engage – Tackle abandoned carts or visitors leaving the website

Livechat helps you get an advantage over your competition by allowing you to reach out to visitors who are stuck or about to leave your website, help them with any issues they might have, get them receptive, and maybe convert them. They can be converted, at the very least, into a lead or provide some feedback, or perhaps even become buyers. 

According to a 2020 Forrester study, livechat can enhance website conversion rates by more than 40% overall. When you realise that, on average, just approximately 2% of website traffic turn into leads, that becomes rather substantial.

Visitors invited to chat are 6.3 times more likely to convert into customers than those who don’t chat; 61% of those customers convert within the first chat. Although the live chat software and service sector have been expanding for years, some dealers still have not seen the potential of live chat support for car dealer business on their websites. If these dealers wish to increase their leads and sales, they should re-examine their practices more closely.