Whether you want packaging for the food or fashion industries, Procure custom boxes provides standard and custom cardboard sleeve packaging solutions for a variety of businesses. We have done it all and can do it anything, including food and fashion sleeves.

We work in a variety of industries, such as:

Hospitality and Food


Office supplies and stationery


Accessories and Clothing

Food sleeves can be useful for food packing boxes in particular. All of the trademark and pertinent information from your items’ packaging will be on show. Additionally, cardboard packaging sleeves are a cheap method to mark your product. From ready-to-eat meals to yogurt packs, they may be utilized for pretty much any product.

The Purpose of Cardboard Sleeves for Packaging

The first part of the job of marketing your items in retail packaging.

Simply said, cardboard sleeve packaging is the open-ended sleeve that covers your goods and bears your distinctive logo. It is an economical method of giving your box packing an appealing appearance.

Sleeve boxes wholesale are incredibly flexible and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles that are simple to print on. They are a great choice for a variety of industries due to their versatility, from food packaging sleeves to cosmetics box sleeves.

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Completely Recyclable Cardboard Box Sleeve

Using cardboard sleeve packaging to wrap boxes has the benefit of being a sustainable substitute for standard packaging sleeves, which is good for the environment.

You may relax knowing that your product’s sleeve boxes wholesale has through all necessary steps to serve both your product and the environment. Recycling paper is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to advertise your business.

Quick Turnaround on Brief Runs

Because it’s so simple to print your logo on a box sleeve, Procure custom boxes, your packaging provider, can have your cardboard sleeve packaging available for you in no time. With quick turnaround times, we provide high-quality box sleeves.

Bulk purchases will also result in cost savings on cardboard packaging sleeves.

Contact our staff so we can start discussing your cardboard box sleeves!

Box Packaging Alternative That Is Cheap

A printed sleeve is not only economical because it is made of recycled paper, but it is also ecological packaging. To have your customized message and unique packaging visible, you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Digital printing allows for a variety of designs and styles for printed packaging sleeves in full color. Because our materials are recyclable and can be printed in big quantities at once, your business will reduce its carbon footprint and printing time.

Only the Finest Materials Will Do for our Cardboard Sleeve Packaging

Our package sleeves are constructed from high-quality paper that has passed the necessary procedures to safeguard your goods. They are strong and long-lasting, ensuring that your goods are kept secure.

Whether it’s a tray of eggs or something less delicate like a set of plastic lunchboxes or a stack of lipsticks, the safety of your goods throughout transit and display is crucial to us. We only utilize the best materials, whether we’re making sleeves for stationery or food packaging.

When combined with attractive, custom-printed box covers, a basic product may be quickly.

Sleeves for Custom Packaging with Advertising

Enlist the assistance of the Plastech team to develop cardboard sleeves for packaging that will encourage people to speak about and purchase your goods. Our experienced staff will provide a practical, affordable solution for you regardless of the size or shape of the box sleeve.

We provide high-quality printed sleeves for all sectors of the economy, and we care about communicating your message or brand values to your consumers. You may choose any color scheme for your printed package, including full color. To give you a preview of the finished product, we will generate a sample pack.

Additionally, we can print text on one side of your packing sleeve and an image, design, or graphic on the other.



Our package sleeves at Procure Custom Boxes are available in customized sizes, and you may specify every little aspect, such as whether you want a matte or glossy finish and any other features.

Cardboard box sleeves are used in a variety of fields and businesses. When placed in a custom-printed sleeve, food and cosmetic products stand out as very attractively packaged goods. If you want a custom-printed box sleeve with that WOW element, we can provide hot foil stamping and embossing.

You have several alternatives for packing sleeve finishing, and you’ll adore how your personalized sleeves turn out.