How do I resolve the Outlook email not opening problem? There are some common reasons for this issue. The first one would be the account timeout settings and the incorrect server address or user name and password for the account.

Are you experiencing the outlook email not opening issue? This is a common problem among Outlook users. The outlook application is crashing when you perform any tasks like opening messages, checking emails, etc.

There are many ways you can fix this problem and they are as follows:

– Clean your system registry and remove all unwanted files and add-ons

– Update your system to the latest version

– Create a new profile and then try to open the Outlook application again

Why is My Outlook Not Opening?

There are numerous reasons why your Outlook won’t start. Here are a few of those reasons.

  • Using faulty add-ins or extensions.
  • Corrupt Outlook Profile.
  • Virus or other Malware Attack.
  • Using Outdated Version of Outlook.
  • Using Outdated Version of Windows.

How to Fix Outlook Not Opening in Windows?

Discussed here are several ways that are guaranteed to fix the problem of Outlook not opening on a computer.

  1. Disable Outlook Add-ins or toolbar extensions.
  2. Make sure that the outlook is not in compatibility mode.
  3. Try a different version of Outlook.
  4. Reset the Navigation pane.
  5. Scan the system for Viruses.
  6. Repair Corrupt Outlook Data.

There are a few different approaches to trying to fix this issue.

The first and most favorable solution is making sure of browser compatibility. You might have extensions or software that is causing compatibility issues, or there might be an operating system incompatibility you need to work around.

Restart the Microsoft accounts server. How-to is relevant to your version of Outlook:

-If using Microsoft Exchange, stop and restart the “Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web App” service on a computer running Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 or 8 with Conferencing enabled:

-On a computer with IIS7, open  ’the Microsoft Management Console   (MMC) ‍ and navigate to ‘Services?’ ‍folder ‍; select ‘Microsoft Exchange — Outlook Web App’, click on again on ‘Stop’; wait for activity in Service Activity units column; click on again If ‘Start is a free email service by Microsoft that provides you with a live help feature or a support contact phone number to find troubleshooting answers. You can even submit an inquiry on the official website and the question will be answered live or via email. It is an excellent tool for customers who want to ensure that their issue is resolved quickly and efficiently without having to figure it out on their own.

Microsoft Outlook stores your emails in a PST file. PST files are where Microsoft Outlook store the information and content of your emails.

Firstly, to open the file itself with the Windows Explorer application you need to locate it in your PC and then right click on it. Locate “Open in new window” and uncheck open it with Microsoft Outlook. You will have to use This PC or explore to find this folder. That way you won’t be opening multiple windows of one file every time you access it – consolidating your inbox speed process.

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Secondly, when contacts start adding extra emails through their email

There are many reasons for the outlook email, not opening. It could be a browser-related issue, an antivirus-related issue or a firewall-related issue. In this article, we will provide you the possible ways to fix the outlook email not opening issue.

To fix the Outlook email not opening an issue on Mac OS X:

1. Open Safari and sign into your Hotmail account;

2. Open Safari preferences and turn on “Block Pop-ups”;

3. Sign out of your Hotmail account in Safari and close it;

4. Open Outlook again and try to check your emails now;

5. If your issue persists, you can try the following steps: restarting Outlook, restarting Mac, or rebooting your wireless router, then closing and reopening Outlook, and trying again by accessing the Hotmail inbox folder in the Outlook web client

What to do when Outlook Won’t Open on Mac?

If you are wondering why you cannot start Microsoft Outlook on a Mac system or if the application becomes unresponsive or freezes unexpectedly. Then keep reading this section to find out an answer to fix the Mac Outlook problem.

If you are using 14 versions of Microsoft Office or anything lower than that, the application will not run in Catalina or Big Sur. Office 2016 for Mac is no longer supported by Microsoft (no bug fixes or OS compatibility updates after October 2020). Office 2016 might or might not work on Big Sur.

How to Update to the Newest Version of Microsoft Outlook?

1. open the Outlook App.
2: Select Help.
3: Choose Check for Updates.
4: Select Update and, if available, download the updates.


Here we end our discussion on how to repair Outlook email not opening in Windows 10 and Mac. if you have any additional questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.