CoConstruct can be a good option for construction firms who wish to streamline financials. Its single-entry estimating process and comprehensive feature set help construction firms to manage their jobs. In addition to this, the application can speed up the estimating process and cut down on mistakes and time spent taking projects. CoConstruct’s keyboard-friendly interface makes it easier for contractors to make updates. The software also lets you edit cost items directly from the estimate.

CoConstruct helps you in the pre-sales process

By using CoConstruct software, you can easily build custom proposals and make them available to your clients within seconds. The software includes a wide range of pre-made templates and features and helps you to create proposals quickly. You can also import files and make adjustments to them – all with a few clicks! It even helps you to account for changes in the files and keeps them consistent. This way, you can close more deals faster!

When your customers start asking for their quotes, they can instantly see a demo video. In addition, they can easily email detailed invoices to their clients. Since the software works with both desktop and online versions of QuickBooks, the information and invoices in the software automatically sync with the accounting software. Hence, they can easily track the progress of projects without any hassles. Furthermore, it also works seamlessly with the company’s customer support service. The customer support phone number is prominently displayed on the website, so it’s easy to reach them. I found the support staff to be very responsive and knowledgeable.

Coconstruct Significants

One of the most significant benefits of using CoConstruct is that it sets you apart from competitors. You can differentiate yourself by demonstrating your commitment to offering excellent customer service. Be sure to explain how CoConstruct can benefit your clients. For example, a new customer may not know that there are so many decisions and communications involved. Using CoConstruct will allow them to make informed decisions without feeling weighed down by information.

The software is built by builders, and it integrates all aspects of the building process. It helps you stay on top of your projects while connecting you with your clients and trade partners. CoConstruct also offers excellent support, with response times usually within the hour. The software is also affordable. However, you should consider the cost and the services you get. There are other benefits to using CoConstruct.

It keeps you informed about the project status

Coconstruct’s performance dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of the most critical elements of ongoing projects. It includes a timeline view of job status, estimated cost vs. profit, and current jobs. The Performance Dashboard also provides information on current financials. You can quickly see the projected profit vs. actual cost of a project, and any delays that may be affecting the project’s completion.

CoConstruct makes communication between clients and contractors simple and intuitive. CoConstruct’s customer self-service portal makes it easy to stay updated on your project from anywhere. With embedded reminders and alerts, you can stay on top of your project’s progress. You can also share project updates on social media such as Facebook to show clients your expertise in the field. The CoConstruct system also makes it easy to communicate with your team, trade partners, and clients.

Whether you’re managing several projects at once or just one, CoConstruct keeps you informed of their progress. CoConstruct has tools for managing teams, schedules, and subs across multiple projects. You can set up project groups and task lists to organize your project’s resources. In addition to Project Explorer, you can use the Task Manager to consolidate open activities into one easy-to-understand view.

Users can choose to receive notifications for specific projects, activities, comments, or areas of the project. By adjusting notification preferences, you can easily stay on top of the project’s progress. Notifications for comments, change orders, invoices, and other milestones can be customized to suit individual needs. You can also tag specific clients to receive updates. A list of these notifications can be seen below. The latest changes in your project will be shown in green.

It helps you in the single-entry estimating process

If you’re in the construction industry, you’ve probably used software that helps you manage multiple projects. CoConstruct can streamline the entire process from the initial proposal to the final purchase order. It eliminates the need to re-enter cost details or specs on a spreadsheet and saves you from bringing multiple spreadsheets to each client. With an intuitive keyboard interface, you can edit cost items from the estimate without having to re-enter them on every project.

Using CoConstruct to manage your single-entry estimating process can dramatically increase your efficiency. This software integrates winning bid numbers with your estimate, eliminating the need to copy and paste between systems. By automating the process of single-entry estimating, you can impress your prospects and increase your win rate. The software also provides comprehensive financial control of project expenses. CoConstruct makes estimating simple and accurate, and its reasonable pricing is a great incentive to sign up for the program.

More About CoConstruct

CoConstruct’s single-entry estimating system saves you time by automatically building selections, specs, and budgets. Budgets automatically update as clients make changes to their selections, so you’ll always know the most accurate projected cost. It also shares cost data online and integrates with QuickBooks accounting systems. This way, you can get the complete picture of your project’s cost and keep your clients up-to-date on its progress.

CoConstruct’s flexible single-entry estimating process allows you to invoice clients in percentages of the estimated amount. The software automatically calculates the appropriate amount for the current billing period. Then, you can email detailed invoices to clients. Depending on your business needs, CoConstruct will automatically sync with your QuickBooks desktop or online account so that they can see your invoices.

It helps you in the pre-sales process

In the pre-sales phase, the most important step is to position your proposal as the ideal solution for a prospective client. Your ability to understand your prospective customer’s problems and requirements will ensure your success in this stage. Visuals, such as case studies and demonstrations, help your prospects understand what your solution can do for them. See how Okta uses visuals to educate their prospects about their solution.

CoConstruct also helps you during the pre-sales process by integrating winning bid numbers into your estimate. Instead of copying and pasting between systems, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately present your proposal to your client. With the most accurate, complete proposal, you’ll win more jobs. Here are three ways CoConstruct can help you in the pre-sales process

CoConstruct’s powerful customer management tools help you keep track of leads. With CoConstruct’s customer self-service portal, your clients can access all their information from anywhere, at any time. All their communications will be automatically captured. And you’ll be able to access them on any device – including Facebook – without any extra effort. CoConstruct will help you grow your business and get more leads.

With its integrated CRM, CoConstruct allows you to manage your customers’ projects. With a built-in CRM, it keeps track of recurring issues and sends automatic reminders. Moreover, it keeps track of your photos and files, which can be accessed from anywhere via your mobile device. Additionally, it is possible to show your customer the scope of the project in 360-degree photos. It’s worth mentioning that CoConstruct offers a 30-day trial, which helps you get familiar with the product.

It helps you with the schedule feature

Coconstruct is an online scheduling application that integrates with the calendar feature of buildertrend Software. It helps you track your tasks, schedules, and lead activities. This feature helps you stay organized by flagging recurring issues and sending reminders to complete them. It also keeps your files and photos organized and available on the mobile app. This program also includes 360-degree photo technology to help you understand the scope of your project.

In addition to coordinating schedules, CoConstruct helps you keep track of your daily activity, assign tasks, and communicate with clients. Its daily log notes can be shared with clients or colleagues, and you can even add custom flags to track problems. The app also offers a to-do list tool, as well as voice-to-text functionality. Additionally, you can also write notes using any device, whether it’s a tablet, phone, or notepad.


While the scheduling features of CoConstruct are similar to those of Buildertrend, their features differ. For example, CoConstruct is more affordable than Buildertrend, so it may be more suitable for a small construction company. It is also compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers and allows you to access it from anywhere. Both Buildertrend and CoConstruct come with real-time billing data and access to a resource library at any time. CoConstruct also has scheduled webinars, which you can attend for free to learn more about the platform and its features.

In addition to project management, you can also manage the financial and customer management aspects of your construction company. Using the app, you can keep track of important trade partners’ documents. When they expire, the app will automatically notify your subcontractors. The same applies to integrating your construction projects with accounting and payroll software. By using a professional project management tool, you can be more efficient in your construction business.