The online reputation of your business will determine how other people perceive your business. Here the role of online reputation management comes in, they will maintain a positive image of your business on the internet. They use numerous techniques and strategies which push the harmful and damaging content related to your business further down the Google search result page. If you are from Kolkata, then you should check out the online reputation Management in Kolkata for your online business. 

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Here are four distinct digital marketing channels involved in ORM:

  • Paid media 
  • Earned media 
  • Social media 
  • Owned properties     

Paid media includes the marketing efforts which require payment to feature your business on the extra networks and websites. It includes display ads on Facebook and PPC advertising with Google Adwords, and they bring traffic to your website and also help in building new relationships with customers and partners. 

Profiles and pages on social media are a kind of extension of the brand and work as an additional avenue for people to interact with you. The main focus point with social media is engagement, you have to make your social media pages and profiles more engaging. The more engagement they have, the more it will be visible to the audience there. 

Websites and blogs are counted among the owned properties of the website. You will have full control over them, the more you build your presence, the more you will be visible to the visitors. 

How to use digital marketing channels to build and manage the reputation of your business:

  • Decide what you want your online reputation 

In the first step, you have to decide what you want from your online reputation. There can be many reasons, like you want to create brand awareness or want to generate more leads. Be clear that the purpose is to improve the online reputation of the business on the internet. 

  • Access your current reputation 

Now the second step is to know your value or current reputation in the market. If you have a good reputation, then you just have to focus on maintaining it. But if you don’t have a pretty good reputation, then you just have to work on improvement. 

  • Make a social media policy for the engagement 

A social media policy is something that will refer you to how a company and its employees will interact with people online. Don’t allow the staff members to post anything freely, make sure that they are posting related to the business only. 

  • Design a social media content strategy 

The next step is to design a social media content strategy to attract customers to your business. Make sure that the content strategy will increase engagement on social media platforms. People love to visit social media pages where the audience engages with the business and gets a response from them. 

  • Enhance reputation by using blog posts 

Blog posts are the best way to enhance the reputation of a business because you can control the content. You should post unique and useful content so that visitors will visit your website to read the content. You should get the help of professionals to write blog posts for your website, as it will look more professional. 

All the above points show the work of social media marketing to uplift the online reputation management of your business. Let us tell you that is the best online reputation Management in India and you should try it. If you have any kind of query or doubt regarding online reputation management, then you should visit the website