There are several varieties of content marketing, such as: 

  • Blogging\sVideo\sPodcasting 
  • Infographics 
  • Email Ebooks with visual material 
  • A lead magnet 
  • Whitepapers 
  • Presentations on Slideshare 
  • Quizzes/tools 
  • Checklists 
  • Courses 
  • Webinars 
  • Slide shows 
  • Free applications 
  • Posts on social media and more. 

Blog content marketing

The majority of content marketing still takes place on blogs, and for good reason: according to The State of Content Marketing Report 2019: Global Report, blogs account for 86% of all content marketing worldwide. 

We are aware that companies who use blogs get 97 percent more links to their websites and thus have 434 percent more pages indexed for the SERPs. For small companies on a limited budget, blogging may also be very cost-effective, so it is essentially a no-brainer. 

As with other forms of content marketing, blog articles are most effective when utilised solely for good. Instead of writing about how your newest product would transform people’s lives in your blog posts, you could write about issues relevant to your goods or services.

When you position your business as a world-class authority in your field, whether locally or globally, you won’t even need to promote your items anymore. Create real effect by going above and beyond what the countless, countless generic blogs out there have to offer by providing something fresh and worthwhile. 

After all, your readers don’t want to hear what other people have previously stated; they want to know what you know and how you can assist them solve their problem. Don’t focus too much on keywords anymore; today, user experience is far more important.

Even live product demonstrations, seminars, printed flyers, and phone books may be categorised as forms of content marketing. 

The important thing is that the material advances a corporate objective by offering knowledge or amusement, often free of charge. 

(Even if that objective isn’t immediately apparent.) 

For instance, many companies expect the following four results from their content marketing efforts like SMS service, SMS provider.

In actuality, content marketing is what you’re doing as you read this. 

And every Instagram influencer uses (or tries to use) content marketing to grow a following that they may afterwards monetize in some fashion. 

Why Use Different Forms of Content Marketing? 

Most individuals just consider one term when considering content marketing apart from SMS service and SMS providers:


Blogs are fantastic. However, there is no disputing the explosive growth of other types of material. 

The number of podcast episodes increased from 18.5 million to 30 million during the past two years.

Growth of podcasts in recent years 

And every day, YouTube receives billions of views. 

One billion hours each day on YouTube 

Consequently, you may reach those expanding audiences when you distribute information in a variety of ways. 

Additionally, by creating a variety of material, you may be present “wherever” your audience is online. 

For instance, when you share your most recent article on social media, someone could not notice it. On their drive home from work, they could, however, hear an episode of your podcast. 

Additionally, some items simply fit some forms better than others. 

Ideal Techniques 

Choose Your Main Content Type 

Determine the sort of content marketing you want to concentrate on as your first step. 

Focusing on doesn’t need you to only produce material in that particular format. Simply said, this will be the content format you devote the most time, effort, and resources to. 

Here’s how to decide which form of content marketing is right for you. 

  • Select a Format That Is Best For Your Niche 
  • Consider the ideal structure for the subjects you wish to address. 

For instance, a podcast doesn’t really make sense if you’re teaching karate. However, the videos are amazing. 

Except for obvious instances (like karate), there isn’t a single “ideal” structure for any specialised subject. so that I wouldn’t get stuck on this step. 

Just make sure the format you select is appropriate for the subjects you intend to address. 

Utilize formats that your audience is accustomed to using 

Does your target market watch YouTube day and night? 

Take out your camera, and start filming. 

In B2B? LinkedIn postings that are text-based make more sense than Facebook Live does. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to hazard a guess as to the kinds of material your audience prefers. 

Examine Reddit, Facebook Groups, and other online hotspots frequented by your target demographic to find out what they are discussing. 

Simply enter a term that best reflects the kind of material you intend to publish. And look at the formats that are most successful in your industry. 

For instance, you can notice that list postings frequently do quite well in the area of baking. 

List of articles relating to baking 

Therefore, if I were in that industry, I may consider making list posts my default content type. 

Utilize Your Assets Wisely 

You’re probably considering which of a few distinct content marketing strategies to concentrate on at this point. 

Therefore, if you’re unsure which format to use, I suggest going with the one that works the best.

For instance, I was a freelance writer for more than three years prior to launching. And since I was proficient at writing on the web, I concentrated almost entirely on blog entries. 

But other folks are skilled video producers. For instance, many frequently select candidates with expertise in video creation and editing. So, even if they do provide some blog content, the majority of their content is video.