Rasmal is a digital PR, venture capital development, growth marketing and innovation agency for ambitious Arab entrepreneurs. We strive to help young entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) realize and fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

We aim to provide multiple niche digital solutions for early stage startups to connect with the right resources through multiple touch points. Our indigenous organization is evolving to offer innovative and perfect virtual services worldwide, unlocking service globalization and accelerating your brand growth.

Brand your brand with confidence

Ramsal is all about start-ups and digital marketing. We understand that start-ups are trying to scale their growth, where they need easy access to investors, audience and talent. Our growth oriented marketing strategies are ideal for start-ups; we will help you direct or introduce their new products or services to the right sources.

From strategy to implementation, we optimize every marketing need of startups across verticals, benefiting their brand, customers and business. With your goals and budget in mind, our diverse group of professionals take an integrated approach to bring value to your dreams.

Your current communicators will spark curious conversations

At Rasmal, we always strive to stay ahead of the digital curve. We have a competitive team of experienced and talented people from different verticals who have teamed up with young entrepreneurs in the Gulf regions to grow their businesses, using a perfect combination of digital expertise, innovative ideas and solid collaboration.

An unwavering determination to create ultimate impact

The commitment and passion shown by our dedicated professionals is visible and growing every day. We are constantly moving forward to bring new ideas that best suit your brand to move up with an integrated and holistic approach to achieve the desired positive results.


Rasmal aspires to be a ray of hope that offers resilience and commitment to businesses. We adapt your organization to your goals. This allows us to take your message, tweak it and spread the word. We can accelerate access to the best developers, the most influential venture capitalists and the most respected influencers.

The future we imagine

Innovation is no longer a luxury; it has become a must for all companies. At Rasmal, we strive to differentiate ourselves from regular PR firms by constantly pushing the boundaries of each project.

The terrain is changing so rapidly that innovation is needed to grow and survive.

This makes it difficult but also exciting. We drive innovation in our business while continuing to build and grow in our core skill area.

Building a business is about professionalism, consistency and updating with a dynamic market. Give your budding business idea a competitive edge with us!

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