With innovations in the car industry, every component in its manufacture is progressing to better output. Be it turbo booster engines, powerful structures or high speeds. Cars are providing great advancement in driving experiences. Though tires are often neglected in the credit for high performance, they play an important role in enhancing overall production. When matched with the correct pair, they give unmatched results and ensure the safety of the riders. Here are some of the types if you are planning a tire change.

Types of tires

All-season tires

Unlike the summer and winter tires, these tires work in any season, offering a moderate temperature range. They are made of a special compound which makes them suitable to provide wintry grip, agility in summer and control in the rain. This solves the problem of keeping different pairs of tires for particular climate conditions and is found in all auto services in Toronto. If you use your vehicle for commuting daily and do not receive extreme weather challenges, all-season tires are best for you.

Touring tires

If you love long drives or are a traveler to far away places, your tires must also answer the call according to your spirit. While most of the tires are capable of covering long distances, touring tires are recommended for balanced ride quality and comfort throughout. They are highly durable and are designed with noise reduction capability that makes your ride quiet so that you can listen more to your partners in travel. 

Temporary tires

They are commonly known as space-saver tires and are used in case of emergencies. They are smaller than the regular tires of the car and do not need to be treated as full-fledged spare tires. They are to be replaced as soon as the original tire has been repaired. The reason is they can not hold the load of the car for long and are just support rather than a substitute. If you buy used car in Toronto, ask the dealer to give you it in case it is ever required.

Sports tires

Most SUVs and premium cars gain their powerful output by using sports cars. They deliver great performance and are only second to high speed tires when it comes to racing. They are made with a soft rubber compound and have a wide thread surface which helps in cornering, stability and gripping the road surface. They are best suited for the autosales having large rim sizes and minimal shoulder height. An even track is the best surface to run with these tires. 

High speed tires

They are designed for a single purpose, to provide top notch speed to the car. They are specially designed to resist aquaplaning even at high speeds. They have large thread blocks which gives them proper stability when cornering a road at extreme speeds. Super car manufacturers use these tires in their premium supercars which produce advanced speed. It is important to note that these tires also have a limit and make the vehicle susceptible to lose traction when surpassed. 

Stock tires

These tires are referred to as Original Equipment (OE) tires. These are provided by the vehicle manufacturer itself and are best suited for new cars. Many times, they are especially intact for the particular model or the brand’s cars in general. Though you can opt for a tire change, it is best to have an understanding of the OE tires, like cost, output, and purpose in your particular car. It is commonly observed that they provide high performance but have a limited life duration as compared to the tires available in the market.  


It is really important to have a tire that meets your performance expectation and is well suited for your terrain. In case you are thinking of a tire change, carefully study your requirements and pick the best type.